A9 near himmelkron: five lanes become four at the construction site

A9 near himmelkron: five lanes become four at the construction site

Many have identified the narrow lanes in the area of the bridge construction site near lanzendorf as the reason for the kilometer-long traffic jams that have often formed on the A9 between gefrees and the bad berneck/himmelkron junction in the direction of nurnberg over the past few weeks. That’s why they’re converting the existing five lanes – three toward berlin, two toward nurnberg – into four lanes, which will be widened for this purpose.

Since last monday, the change in traffic routing has been worked on overnight between 19.Worked 30 and 6 o’clock. The four-lane regulation already applies at the construction site on the freeway bridge. But the lane width will be adjusted by thursday morning.

For better traffic flow

The left lane for cars will be three meters wide, the right lane for trucks 3.50 meters wide in the future. Thomas pfeifer, head of the bayreuth office of the northern bavaria freeway department, is convinced that this will improve the flow of traffic. However, the authorities expect that in the future there will be an increased risk of traffic jams in the northbound direction, especially on thursdays and fridays, when the highway is very busy. The route should therefore be secured in the best possible way with a suitable traffic jam warning system.

The reconstruction of the traffic flow on the lanzendorf valley bridge, which will remain a construction site until the end of the year, will be completed on thursday night.

Cars have to leave

According to the freeway authorities, a full closure of the A9 in the direction of nurnberg will be necessary this night. Traffic is diverted at the bad berneck/himmelkron junction.

Goal: temporary opening

Incidentally, it is not yet clear when the closed slip road from federal highway 303 near himmelkron onto the freeway in the direction of the south will be reopened, at least temporarily, as planned. Expected in the period from 6. Until 19. On may 30, there will again be a video observation to evaluate the traffic flow in the construction area. The autobahndirektion wants so prufen, in which times a release of the entrance branch is meaningful. Up to 600 vehicles enter the highway on this road every hour.

The driveway had been closed because the traffic on the right lane had been slowed down by vehicles pulling into it. This has also favoured the traffic jams. In future, the slip road is to be opened at times that are deemed safe for traffic and at which there is no serious risk of congestion.


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