Administration of the usa stands still

administration of the usa stands still

The public administration of the USA is paralyzed for the first time in 17 years. The weibe house ordered the administrative standstill after the deeply divided congress failed to agree on a new interim budget tuesday night. The 2014 budget year begins on 1 january 2014. October.

The draft budget should keep the government financially afloat, at least for the time being. Even after the deadline expired at midnight (local time), no compromise was in sight between democrats and republicans. The proposal to have leading representatives from both sides look for a way out of the budget crisis failed. Members of both chambers of parliament discussed possible solutions late into the night.
With the funding freeze, around 800,000 state employees will have to be sent on unpaid compulsory leave with immediate effect. Numerous offices and facilities must remain closed. Exceptions apply only to employees who serve the basic needs and security of the country, such as soldiers, prison guards, employees at border posts or in hospitals.

Congress can not agree
"Unfortunately, congress has failed in its duty", president barack obama said in a video message to soldiers. These are expected to continue to receive their pay despite the financial lame-duck session. Obama had signed a bill to that effect on monday evening. But the many civilian employees of the pentagon had to prepare for uncertainty and furloughs in the coming days, obama said.

"This is a very sad day for our country", said the leader of the democratic majority in the senate, harry reid. The budget battle escalated as republicans sought to use the looming funding emergency politically to block obama's controversial health care overhaul. Once again, they tried to tie a stopgap budget to spending cuts that would delay implementation of reform by a year. The house of representatives voted 228 to 201 in favor of the resolution, whose amendments were immediately rejected by the senate by a vote of 54 to 46. This legislative back-and-forth had been dragging on in the capitol for several days already.

"We won't be the ones to hold the fire at the end", CNN quoted the president of the republican-dominated chamber, john boehner. Against this and his followers formed in the evening still a small group of gemabigter republicans, who are against a crippling of the government. They could not even muster the 17 republican votes out of 233 needed to pass a stopgap budget with no conditions along with the democrats. In the evening, obama had once again implored congress not to cut off the money supply to the U.S. Government.

26 days of standstill
Last time, between 1995 and january 1996, there were several times when the u.S. Did not have a valid u.S. State budget. The shutdown under president bill clinton lasted a total of 26 days. Since 1976, according to a washington post report, there has been no change in the budget a total of 17 times to the so-called "shutdown. This threatened several times in recent years, but could always be averted in time.

In addition to the ongoing budget battle, the U.S. Faces another hotly contested fiscal decision. By 17. October, congress must agree to raise the debt ceiling from $16.7 billion (12.4 billion euros). Otherwise, according to treasury secretary jack lew, there is a threat of insolvency. The U.S. Could then no longer borrow, with devastating economic consequences.


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