After gauland raid: city of nurnberg wants to ban afd politician from speaking

After gauland raid: city of nurnberg wants to ban afd politician from speaking

The local association of the afd had been requested in writing, until tuesday (12.00 a.M.) to assure that gauland would not speak at a party event in the meistersingerhalle on saturday, second mayor christian vogel (SPD) told the deutsche presse-agentur on monday. If, however, he should take the floor, the city would make use of its extraordinary right to give notice.

This was possible according to the rental statutes, if nurnberg could harm as a city of peace and human rights. Gauland had briefly spoken of "disposing" of ozoguz in turkey at an election rally in eichsfeld, thuringia.

The rejuvenation of the afd’s top candidate was the icing on the cake, said vogel. "It doesn’t get any more inhumane than this." Nurnberg afd leader martin sichert, on the other hand, accused the city of holding the planned election campaign event in the meistersingerhalle on "flimsy grounds" to prevent and thus to "damage democracy".

Afd national spokesman jorg meuthen, meanwhile, has defended gauland against accusations of racism. In 2012, the then head of the SPD, sigmar gabriel, called for the entire merkel government to be "disposed of without a hitch", meuthen said at his party’s gillamoos event in abensberg on monday, alluding to a controversial rant by the afd leader about the federal government’s integration commissioner, aydan ozoguz.

That is why gauland’s demand was moderate. He had "merely disposed of our integration minister aydan ozoguz" want "and quite rightly so, by the way", said meuthen. Gauland’s statement was much milder than that of gabriel.

Meuthen and afd federal executive committee member beatrix von storch accused federal government of failure in immigration policy and dealing with muslims at rally in lower bavaria. "This whole merkel government has obviously brought us total migration chaos and inner insecurity like never before", said meuthen. Von storch said an afd government would no longer allow refugees into the country without papers. "No one gets in without a passport, because, as we know, no one gets out without a passport."


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