Almost all classes participate

27 of the 30 ninth-grade classes of schools in the city and district of kulmbach took part in the prize council for world aids day in 2019. 423 correct solutions received by the health department. The winners received shopping vouchers worth 15 euros.

District administrator klaus peter sollner noted that despite the somewhat more relaxed situation, prevention is very important. Everyone should know how to protect themselves against infection with the HIV virus. "Discrimination often weighs heavier than the health consequences for those affected. Many experience rejection, accusations and discrimination in the family, among friends, in the job and even in the health care system."

"There is no risk of catching the disease in everyday life, not at work, not in the toilet, not through shared dishes, not in the swimming pool or when coughing or kissing", medical examiner camelia fiedler. HIV disease can be treated well with medication, but there is no cure today. The health department offers the opportunity to be tested anonymously, according to the head of the facility. 


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