Westheimer couple also drives with the sun

Westheimer couple also drives with the sun

Like many car buyers, barbara and norbert jenkner from westheim are eagerly awaiting the first test drive in their dream car. After all, they have been waiting for it for a long time. It's not an ordinary car you're allowed to drive. It is a car that produces its own electricity and can also emit it. At the moment there are only two prototypes, which were not developed by engineers of the big car companies, but by three students from munich, who have been realizing the idea of a self-sufficient solar car in their living room and garage for the last three years: the "sion by "sono motors. The development of the existential foundation has been financed by 200.000 euros from crowdfunding.

The jenkner family also invested 500 euros in this fountain: "if we are not convinced by the serial product, we will get the money back."

Wohrl is in coburg not yet completely in the plan

Wohrl is in coburg not yet completely in the plan

Robert rosch is a friend of clear and open words. This is emphasized again and again by the CEO of the fashion company wohrl during the conversation. "Ask, ask", he encourages the media representatives. He would be happy to tell them how they feel at the ketschengasse location in coburg, which opened six months ago. But, yes, of course, when asked, he also comments on rumors that have come to his attention in the meantime. "It's not true that we're already going to be leaving after just one year," says, robert rosch clarifies.

Ten-year contract
Apart from the fact that they hadn't invested that much in the former C&A property otherwise: "we have a ten-year contract with two options for extension." And he adds: "we are happy in coburg. Every time i drive here from nurnberg, i'm glad we made this location."

Wild winter in the us northeast: icy cold and “bomb cyclone”

wild winter in the us northeast: icy cold and

The eastern seaboard of the u.S. Offers an unusual picture on the first days of the new year. All up the coast there is a strip of snow and storm, and it brings with it plenty of problems and records.

In florida, snow fell on palm trees, in south carolina, fountains froze over – 13 u.S. States were under a so-called winter warning. But it was the northeast that was to be hit the hardest.

Two hurdles taken at once for planned natural power plant

Two hurdles on the way to the "solar park scheblitz were taken in the last city council meeting. Martin beil from the company dietz und partner, based in elfershausen, presented the current status of planning. The developer is naturstromanlagen gmbh, a wholly owned subsidiary of naturstrom AG. The proposed site is located to the right and left of the A70 highway, west of the robdorf am berg exit. The plant is located in the "frankische schweiz – veldensteiner forst" nature reserve, which requires that some conservation requirements be taken into account.

After the city council passed a basic resolution to require the construction of photovoltaic plants only within the infrastructure corridors (110-meter strips along the highway and railroad), an expansion to 18 hectares had already been rejected in february of last year. In this context, a small part of the area was renounced in order to ensure a problem-free agricultural cultivation at the request of the landowner.

The grobheirath fire department is looking forward to its new vehicle

the grobheirath fire department is looking forward to its new vehicle

The anticipation is great among the 42 active members of the grobheirath fire department. The new LF 10 fire engine is expected in the spring, as was heard at the annual general meeting, which was held for the first time this year in the schutzenhaus. The past year was dominated by the new vehicle. Therefore, several planning and discussions took place. The exact date for the official handover of the vehicle is still to be decided by the army.

"The grobheirath fire department is a very important fire department in the community of grobheirath", mayor udo siegel stated. There has always been sufficient personnel available for all operations, so the decision to buy a new vehicle for the fire brigade was the right one. The head of the community emphasized the commitment of the firefighters and the fire department leadership. KBI reinhardt hartung attested to the fire department's very good level of training. With the new vehicle, of the type LF 10 in the value of 300 000 euro one made the correct decision. This would improve the fire protection, hartung emphasized.

Model project digital school paid off this year

The wreathing as the start of the annual foundation festival was still celebrated in small style. The school festival normally held the next day had to be cancelled due to pandemic regulations. The school management therefore informed about their "parents portal", which schoolchildren will receive a bonus this year because of their good performance.

There were 78 in total, which principal burkhard spachmann proudly proclaimed in his letter. In addition, this year there were 20 high school graduates who were honored for top achievements.

Oh you difficult

Something has changed. Without a doubt. Christmas business is no longer as easy for the stationary trade as it used to be. This is particularly noticeable in medium-sized and smaller centers such as kitzingen, volkach and wiesentheid. Only one thing helps: cohesion.

Petra ziegler is the district chairwoman of the bavarian trade association (HBE). And she is an independent businesswoman in volkach. But not for long. "I’m in a clearance sale at the moment," she explains. At the end of the year, it will close its women’s fashion store on the main street. In march, a new management will take over, petra ziegler will then work as a salaried employee. "It’s not easy to be self-reliant," she says. You always have to come up with something new to attract customers. People in their mid-40s also like to get involved. "They still appreciate social contacts and advice," says ziegler. But the younger customers? "They probably only shop on the internet."

A relic from napoleonic times

A relic from napoleonic times

Erich and marcus olbrich today we want to devote our attention to an old tramp stucco. The old road from galgenberg to melkendorf is a relic from napoleonic times. Almost forgotten and somewhat neglected, it was once an important part of an old military route that led from west to east.

Just a few years ago, when walking from heinrich-hoffmann-strabe, you could see the remains of a historic paving of roughly grouted natural stones.

Residential space is also being created in eltmann in the inner city

It is now well known that there is a shortage of new building sites in eltmann. The city pushes to its topographical limits with the possibility of creating new residential areas. The main river and the high hills of the steigerwald make it difficult to expand the site. However, the fact that interior development also offers many opportunities and that developers also have reserves was made clear at the meeting of the city’s building committee on monday afternoon.

In limbach, a developer wants to build new and renovate existing buildings on a plot of land, convert a barn and use renewable energy sources. Whether this is possible was examined in a preliminary building application to the city. She has no objection to the conversion of a barn or the demolition of a former slaughterhouse – and certainly not to a heat pump in the immediate vicinity of the mains or to solar collectors.

Baking oven festival of the untersturmiger music society

Baking oven festival of the untersturmiger music society

Even bavarian radio is interested in the traditional oven festival of the untersturmiger music society. In the "heimatspiegels" broadcast bayern 2 reports on the history and special features of the bake oven festival on saturday from 5 a.M. Onwards.

There could perhaps not be a better mood, because from 4 p.M. Today the people of untersturmig are once again celebrating their oven festival.