Baking oven festival of the untersturmiger music society

Baking oven festival of the untersturmiger music society

Even bavarian radio is interested in the traditional oven festival of the untersturmiger music society. In the "heimatspiegels" broadcast bayern 2 reports on the history and special features of the bake oven festival on saturday from 5 a.M. Onwards.

There could perhaps not be a better mood, because from 4 p.M. Today the people of untersturmig are once again celebrating their oven festival.

The presenter heiner gremer has the "hornerbock", how the untersturmiger in the vernacular affectionately also are called at their oven interviewed. Gremer wanted to know from them how exactly they fire the oven with reibigbundles.

And of course he also wanted to know the recipe for the cake that will be in the oven on the day of the oven festival.

400 to 500 visitors
It was second chairman wolfgang lieberth who made contact with the bavarian radio station.

Last year he had already written a letter to the BR radio campaign. "French switzerland is so often represented in contribute. Mostly nothing comes from our region", lieberth welcomed his guests. Between 400 and 500 visitors usually come to the oven festival in the town center of untersturmig.

The festival has meanwhile established a good reputation in the region. BR presenter heiner gremer is also taken with the passion for tradition and customs that is lived out at the bake oven festival. Only homemade food is served at this festival. In addition, it is a tradition in untersturmig that recipes are passed on from generation to generation.

There is only one thing that the untersturmig music society does not do itself on this day: play music. For this they have hired the friendly lisberg brass band from the steigerwald region.
Here, too, heiner gremer investigates in his contribution, and in the end finds respect for the untersturmiger decision: "the untersturmiger are not stupid. Let others play for them, so that they can eat and drink more."


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