Berlin opponents of flight routes lodge eu complaint

Berlin opponents of flight routes lodge eu complaint

A complaint to the EU commission has already been prepared, said lawyer wolfgang baumann on thursday in berlin in view of the decision by the federal supervisory authority for air safety. In the evening the opponents wanted to demonstrate in berlin.

The friedrichshagen citizens’ initiative and the "green league" expect the eu commission to complain about the route decision to the federal government. The environmental compatibility of the flights over the recreational area has not been tested. Waiving the environmental test was "grossly negligent," said baumann. To prevent a lawsuit, the routes then had to be revised. However, the opening of the airport cannot be prevented or delayed by the complaint.

The burgers’ initiative is also currently considering concrete legal action against the planning approval decision of the brandenburg ministry of transport. He had assumed that the muggle lake would remain untouched by the routes. A lawsuit against the determination of the routes is also being discussed. "The courts will certainly have their work cut out for them in the near future," announced baumann.

For years, the burgers had assumed straight takeoffs from the two airport runways, which did not affect muggelsee. But this is not possible if the airport is to reach its planned capacity of 27 million passengers. In that case, machines from both runways will have to take off in parallel and independently of each other – and, for safety reasons, take diverging routes.


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