Canada leaves seal hunting quotas unchanged

canada leaves seal hunting quotas unchanged

The ministry had previously announced that 400,000 harp seals could be hunted this year. This is the same figure as the previous year, when the quota was increased by 70,000 animals. A portion is reserved for native peoples, but by far the largest portion – more than 371,000 animals – is earmarked for commercial hunting. The odds also remained stable for the hooded seals at 8,200.

Criticism came from the international fund for animal welfare (IFAW). The population is already severely threatened by the lack of ice flats. In addition, the market has collapsed and there is no need for so many skins. "With this quota of 400,000 animals, the canadian fisheries minister is ignoring the scientific advice of his own ministry and kicking his so-called fisheries management plan with doves," said ralf sonntag of the organization. The absolute maximum limit should only be 300,000 animals.

The traditional seal hunt in canada is a highly sensitive issue. Two years ago, a radical animal rights activist from the u.S. Publicly slapped a pie in the face of the then fisheries minister. While many people were pleased with this form of protest, there were sharp words, for example from the daily newspaper "toronto sun", which commented on the punishment against the woman, a two-year ban on her entering the country, as "ridiculous". At the same time, the canadians are in sharp dispute with the european union, which has banned the import of seal products. Most of the buyers of pelts and meat, however, are to be found in asia.


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