Carols know christmas

carols know christmas

Already for the 23rd time. For the first time the traditional doreihnacht, organized by the voluntary fire department, took place on the afternoon of saint’s eve in the village square in seubelsdorf, in front of the old community center. About 200 visitors loved to get in the mood for the christmas celebration.

The chairman of the seubelsdorf fire brigade, thomas loffler, saw it as a fine tradition that many burghers, whether as participants or visitors, regularly come together on christmas eve to look forward to the festive season under the large christmas tree.

Mayor andreas hugerich referred to the origin of the world’s best-known christmas carol "silent night 200 years ago in oberndorf near salzburg in austria. He expressed the hope that the message of peace emanating from the song would take root in people’s minds.

The uetzinger blechblasers under the direction of johann schimmel performed a series of well-known christmas carols such as "tochter zion and "tomorrow children there will be something" for a solemn and festive atmosphere. The mixed choir of the harmonie seubelsdorf singing society under the direction of dorothea lintzmeyer, strengthened by eduard meixner from the kosten singing society, conveyed the miracle of the birth of jesus with several songs.

The chairman of the singing club seubelsdorf, manfred niewelt (guitar) and the honorary chairman of the fire department seubelsdorf, willy pohner (accordion) sang and played very emotional christmas songs like "long time ago in bethlehem or "bells ringing brightly on a holy evening".

Willy pohner, who also led the program, expressed his wish for a peaceful coexistence of all people in the spirit of the christmas message in his entertaining speeches in the french dialect.

In view of the events of the past two millennia, however, he then said, somewhat resignedly rather than hopefully: "and there are too many people who don’t really want peace. The will has to be good, not the ears, then we could spur the ground."


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