Many cyclists avoid bamberg’s bike parking garage

How do you explain to a stranger where to find the bicycle parking garage in bamberg?? Quite simple: where there is no tree without a bunch of bicycles around it; where every street pole is hidden behind a mess of handlebars, saddles and pedals – exactly there you can also do the complete opposite: park lonely. In bamberg's first and only "bike house behind the train station.

It cost 50 cents to lift a bike onto one of the 330 buckets provided for this purpose. But few do it. Even worse: bamberg's bahnhof cyclists seem to make a sport out of parking in front of, next to, and near the bike house – everything but in it.

Doping expert: armstrong case will have no consequences

Doping expert: Armstrong case will have no consequences

Shortly after 1 p.M., fritz sorgel looks at his cell phone at the institute for biochemical and pharmaceutical research in heroldsberg near nurnberg and laughs out loud. Sorgel is one of the most renowned german doping experts. He has just read the statement by pat mcquaid, head of the world cycling federation. "Lance armstrong has no place in cycling. Something like this must never happen again, reports a news site. Sorgel shakes his head.

The world cycling federation UCI turns 180 degrees: armstrong loses all titles, is banned for life. Didn’t you expect this?
Fritz sorgel: the transformation of pat mcquaid is amazing. This is real satire, which can not be met other than by cynicism. But what would have been the alternative? Turning a blind eye? Then cycling would also have been finished as an organization. The armstrong story has shown that the UCI has at least passively supported him by dragging its feet.

Church gets more space

Over 31 million invested by the wurzburg diocese in all of lower franconia. The money is used, for example, to rebuild or renovate churches and parish halls. Parts of the sum will also benefit buildings in the district of bad kissingen.

Around 300,000 euros went to waldfenster, for example, where there is a special feature: the people of waldfenster have two churches – right next to each other. The old mary himmelfahrt from the year 1804 and the st. Pius church, which was built in the 60s.

No forest of signs in the world heritage

No forest of signs in the world heritage

"In bamberg, it has become a common expression when entire streets are painted": sebastian niedermaier, SPD spokesman in the city council’s environment senate, humorously summed up the discussion.

At election times, posters always shoot up like mushrooms from the ground. "In the past years, this has repeatedly caused discussions and complaints from the burghers", explained public order officer ralf haupt.

Bundesliga needs emergency plan – hoeneb: “everything to zero”

Bundesliga needs emergency plan - hoeneb: 'everything to zero'

The fear of collapse is growing. Uli hoeneb paints a truly ominous scenario for german soccer.

The nervousness is formally palpable among club bosses ahead of the crisis meeting at frankfurt airport amid the corona pandemic and a looming shortfall of around 750 million euros. "We must finally face reality. We have to wait four weeks, drive everything to zero. Maybe we still have to stop playing fubball in october. The woman is not human," said the honorary president of FC bayern munchen on sunday in the sport1 program "doppelpass".