Agriculture: when uncertainty grows

agriculture: when uncertainty grows

For a few weeks now, they have been standing, clearly visible, along the roads of the district. The green crosses are to draw attention to the protest of the farmers. To their anger and incomprehension towards the decisions of the federal government. In a four-part series, we present farmers from the region and their specific concerns. Today: simon weckert from dullstadt.

24 years he is. Quite young to already be taking on so much responsibility. 130 hectares the family farm has just outside dullstadt. Potatoes grow the weckerts here especially. Also a little grain and corn. Simon enjoys his job. Even if the youngest developments worry him. "There's already a gap between farmers and consumers," he says. His uncle peter scolds: "and there is a lack of any professional competence in politics."

Administration of the usa stands still

administration of the usa stands still

The public administration of the USA is paralyzed for the first time in 17 years. The weibe house ordered the administrative standstill after the deeply divided congress failed to agree on a new interim budget tuesday night. The 2014 budget year begins on 1 january 2014. October.

The draft budget should keep the government financially afloat, at least for the time being. Even after the deadline expired at midnight (local time), no compromise was in sight between democrats and republicans. The proposal to have leading representatives from both sides look for a way out of the budget crisis failed. Members of both chambers of parliament discussed possible solutions late into the night.
With the funding freeze, around 800,000 state employees will have to be sent on unpaid compulsory leave with immediate effect. Numerous offices and facilities must remain closed. Exceptions apply only to employees who serve the basic needs and security of the country, such as soldiers, prison guards, employees at border posts or in hospitals.

Women’s breakfast in Weingarts, Pinzberg, Dobenreuth and Leutenbach

Women's breakfast in weingarts, pinzberg, dobenreuth and leutenbach

There was a light smell of fresh bread and coffee at the women’s breakfast in the sports center in weingarts. 95 visitors came to enjoy a breakfast and have a good time.

The catholic country folk (KLV) had invited; in weingarts christine beutner had organized the event with her team. "There is a fruit feast four times a year. One will take place in pinzberg, one in dobenreuth, one in leutenbach and one in weingarts", pays christine beutner on.

Almost all classes participate

27 of the 30 ninth-grade classes of schools in the city and district of kulmbach took part in the prize council for world aids day in 2019. 423 correct solutions received by the health department. The winners received shopping vouchers worth 15 euros.

District administrator klaus peter sollner noted that despite the somewhat more relaxed situation, prevention is very important. Everyone should know how to protect themselves against infection with the HIV virus. "Discrimination often weighs heavier than the health consequences for those affected. Many experience rejection, accusations and discrimination in the family, among friends, in the job and even in the health care system."