“We are a great bunch”

Looking forward to the work of the coming six years, the new stegaurach town council began its term of office until 2026 this week with its constituent meeting. Six new councillors were sworn in. The posts of the second and third mayor remained in the preserved hands of bernd fricke and werner wabmann.

First mayor thilo wagner praised the fact that the entire municipal council was present at the first meeting. "I think we are a very good group and I am looking forward to the next six years, was his outlook. Afterwards all councillors had the opportunity to introduce themselves briefly. New on board are verena scheer, frank montag (both -FL), christine weigmann-popp (grune-burgerstimme), uwe metzner (SPD), thomas hack and gert lechner (both CSU). They took the oath right at the beginning of the meeting.

Community farm in feulersdorf becomes an oasis of biodiversity

Lizards, partridge hedges and amphibian ponds – on a total of eight hectares of flat land, nature garden planners and book authors reinhard witt and katrin kaltofen, together with their interns, are creating all kinds of new habitats, depending on the location.

Witt has developed drought-resistant plants such as the elsbeere especially for the "steppe climate" with its low rainfall selected on the french jura. Species such as cuckoo campion, keyflower and snake’s knotweed were chosen for the partly damp overflow basins.

Meeting of plant lovers

A "november day in may, the premiere of the hofles flea market in the district went wrong. The event, which had been carefully prepared by the friends of the fruit and gardening association (OGV), fell victim to the weather, because the curious visitors stayed away and with them the buyers.

Rain, ice-cold wind sweeping through the judengasse, dreariness on saturday morning. A total of 35 entries were received for the trempelmarkt, 28 farms opened their doors in the hope that the sky will show itself mercifully. But the interested parties could be paid off on their fingers.

The new ones feel like laughing

The new ones feel like laughing

The "most prominent" neuburger obernbreits is probably the new evangelical pastor martin strack, who took up his pastorate here a year ago. But the other newcomers also had exciting stories to tell – and so the sunday afternoon was a truly enjoyable one. The municipality had invited to its 5. Neuburgertag invited. The aroma of coffee and cake filled the town hall. Mayor bernhard bruckner spoke of 115 new burgers who have joined the town since 1 january 2009. September 2009 until today have moved into the town.
Pastor strack seems to like it in his new home town. He immediately informed the other neuburg residents that the evangelical church congregation in obernbreit has been in existence since 1529, making it one of the oldest in bavaria. Obernbreit he experienced and describes as follows: "important to me here are the
obernbreiter pulpit, which supplies the famous wine, the hard-working winegrowers and craftsmen, and the good pretzels from the bakery." He described the people of obernbreit as friendly and hospitable.
Neuburg resident joachim mogel also praised the good
uppernbreat wine. The former lower bavarian moved to the market town two years ago – after his son – and said: "i'm spending my pension here and also really enjoying the peace and quiet."
The young, currently four-headed kohlhepp-meding family moved from marktbreit to obernbreit a year ago because they found a suitable home here. They are very satisfied with it and said: "the good air and the peace here are always like a vacation for us".
Elke appel and jochen vogelsang come the farthest, from the danish border. After three years of searching, they decided to buy the former monastery courtyard in the wurzburger strabe and convert it into their home. What fascinates them about obernbreit is not least its cultural and historical background, including its jewish past.
Oswald pfister and silke kramer have decided to live in obernbreit with their little son konstantin. They are looking forward to the registration of their offspring in the kindergarten 'apfelwiese' and then they want to enter successively with their child into the social life of the village.
And here you should truly not lack for opportunities. They got a small foretaste directly on site: the obernbreit associations, which play a decisive role in the life of the town, were given the opportunity to introduce themselves to the new members and to solicit active membership. It's hard to believe, but the community of 1750 souls has 22 associations, both of which are paid for by the church congregations.
The musical accompaniment to the reception was provided by the eintracht singing society, under the musical direction of helmut klug, with two song performances. Burgermeister bernhard bruckner found support from his preserved hucklkatz wives, gertrud reib and Sophie Hempel.


The orders pile up here

"Wood is a fascinating raw material." Dietmar noack, managing director of noack gmbh, based in iphofen, is so enthusiastic about the material his company works with that he sees the special properties of wood as a guiding principle for the entire company.
Wood has to grow and therefore needs to be handled with care. According to the down-to-earth entrepreneur, trust must also be cultivated according to the same principle. "This creates the solid roots for a partnership and lasting cooperation between our company, our customers and suppliers." Noack is convinced that this attitude will become increasingly important for a company in the future.
Reliability in particular is becoming increasingly important. "We promise our customers not only to deliver on time, but also with the right know-how – and we demand the same from our suppliers."
A look at the products and services offered by noack gmbh shows that the sagewerk of yesteryear has evolved into a broad-based company. We use wood from local forests, such as fir, pine and especially beech. Since wood is a valuable resource, the company's philosophy is that it should be used in the economic cycle for as long as possible. In the coarse shaft area "special pallets therefore, only 70 percent of the production is new, the rest is divided between repair and recycling of used pallets. Also this recycling reflects the basic attitude of the nature-loving company.

Gentle handling
The careful handling of wood as a raw material is demonstrated in the "crate production" business area even more clearly. "We build such constructions, in which as little wood as possible, but as much as necessary is used", explains the company boss, for whom it is a particular concern that sustainability is not just talked about, but lived "the CO2 balance of our company is very important to me."
To keep wood consumption as low as possible, special know-how is required. Dietmar noack puts it in a nutshell: "anyone can eat fat and grease!" Well thought-out static constructions, on the other hand, make lighter transport variants possible. Noack is proud to praise his dedicated employees, who use their technical understanding and specific basic knowledge to find individual solutions for customers time and again. For example, they developed a lightweight special crate to transport a 50-ton machine to china. In contrast to the previous packaging, two-thirds of the wood was saved. This was convincing and ensured further orders, because the conservation of resources also brings direct advantages for the customer.
"If less wood is used, parts can be prefabricated as modules", explains the managing director. "Then the customer will have less space, less time, less dirt. Many of our competitors are working with chain statements. We are not."
50 employees work at noack gmbh, some of whom have been with the company for 20 to 34 years. They are from the parent company "reuss gmbh" had been taken over. In addition, several of them have learned their trade as "wood mechanics specializing in construction elements, packaging, export" at the training center in bad wildungen.
The iphofen-based company provides training, as the managing director emphasizes, "in order to have the specialists with us." Because in the end it's the people who make a good company and ultimately drive it forward. Here, too, the company boss refers to a wood wisdom: "if you want to grow beyond yourself, you need strong roots."

Wohrl is in coburg not yet completely in the plan

Wohrl is in coburg not yet completely in the plan

Robert rosch is a friend of clear and open words. This is emphasized again and again by the CEO of the fashion company wohrl during the conversation. "Ask, ask", he encourages the media representatives. He would be happy to tell them how they feel at the ketschengasse location in coburg, which opened six months ago. But, yes, of course, when asked, he also comments on rumors that have come to his attention in the meantime. "It's not true that we're already going to be leaving after just one year," says, robert rosch clarifies.

Ten-year contract
Apart from the fact that they hadn't invested that much in the former C&A property otherwise: "we have a ten-year contract with two options for extension." And he adds: "we are happy in coburg. Every time i drive here from nurnberg, i'm glad we made this location."

Wild winter in the us northeast: icy cold and “bomb cyclone”

wild winter in the us northeast: icy cold and

The eastern seaboard of the u.S. Offers an unusual picture on the first days of the new year. All up the coast there is a strip of snow and storm, and it brings with it plenty of problems and records.

In florida, snow fell on palm trees, in south carolina, fountains froze over – 13 u.S. States were under a so-called winter warning. But it was the northeast that was to be hit the hardest.

Two hurdles taken at once for planned natural power plant

Two hurdles on the way to the "solar park scheblitz were taken in the last city council meeting. Martin beil from the company dietz und partner, based in elfershausen, presented the current status of planning. The developer is naturstromanlagen gmbh, a wholly owned subsidiary of naturstrom AG. The proposed site is located to the right and left of the A70 highway, west of the robdorf am berg exit. The plant is located in the "frankische schweiz – veldensteiner forst" nature reserve, which requires that some conservation requirements be taken into account.

After the city council passed a basic resolution to require the construction of photovoltaic plants only within the infrastructure corridors (110-meter strips along the highway and railroad), an expansion to 18 hectares had already been rejected in february of last year. In this context, a small part of the area was renounced in order to ensure a problem-free agricultural cultivation at the request of the landowner.

Oh you difficult

Something has changed. Without a doubt. Christmas business is no longer as easy for the stationary trade as it used to be. This is particularly noticeable in medium-sized and smaller centers such as kitzingen, volkach and wiesentheid. Only one thing helps: cohesion.

Petra ziegler is the district chairwoman of the bavarian trade association (HBE). And she is an independent businesswoman in volkach. But not for long. "I’m in a clearance sale at the moment," she explains. At the end of the year, it will close its women’s fashion store on the main street. In march, a new management will take over, petra ziegler will then work as a salaried employee. "It’s not easy to be self-reliant," she says. You always have to come up with something new to attract customers. People in their mid-40s also like to get involved. "They still appreciate social contacts and advice," says ziegler. But the younger customers? "They probably only shop on the internet."

A relic from napoleonic times

A relic from napoleonic times

Erich and marcus olbrich today we want to devote our attention to an old tramp stucco. The old road from galgenberg to melkendorf is a relic from napoleonic times. Almost forgotten and somewhat neglected, it was once an important part of an old military route that led from west to east.

Just a few years ago, when walking from heinrich-hoffmann-strabe, you could see the remains of a historic paving of roughly grouted natural stones.