Residential space is also being created in eltmann in the inner city

It is now well known that there is a shortage of new building sites in eltmann. The city pushes to its topographical limits with the possibility of creating new residential areas. The main river and the high hills of the steigerwald make it difficult to expand the site. However, the fact that interior development also offers many opportunities and that developers also have reserves was made clear at the meeting of the city’s building committee on monday afternoon.

In limbach, a developer wants to build new and renovate existing buildings on a plot of land, convert a barn and use renewable energy sources. Whether this is possible was examined in a preliminary building application to the city. She has no objection to the conversion of a barn or the demolition of a former slaughterhouse – and certainly not to a heat pump in the immediate vicinity of the mains or to solar collectors.

Kindergarten costs rise sharply

Kindergarten costs rise sharply

The overall situation of the sander kindergarten was presented by burgermeister bernhard rub at the community council meeting on tuesday. The background to this was a proposal from the caritas kindergarten association in st. Gallen. Nikolaus on undercutting of the employment key from 1:10 to temporarily 1:9. The two chairpersons of the association, anja hey and jessica wacker, as well as treasurer kerstin deschner gave an outlook on further developments.

At the moment in the st.-nikolaus kindergarten 79 children cared for by five educators and seven nursery nurses. In kindergarten st. Martin has another 56 children with three educators and two nursery nurses. In the coming year, the new building of the daycare center at the kindergarten st. The collection of old cell phones will be put into operation by st. Nicholas, which justifies an undercutting of the employment deadline. Although not all groups are fully booked at the beginning, the staff have their hands full with the reorganization and the preparation of the educational plans. The mayor also explained: "the baby boomers are still to come, and the trend is clearly upward." The head of the municipality also made no secret of the fact that the occupancy situation is likely to remain tense in the future, despite the expansion. With the hiring of new staff, the total costs for both kindergartens are expected to increase from 712,000 euros this year to 920,000 euros in 2020. According to the figures for 2019, there is a state claim of more than 390,000 euros, to which the municipality of sand will add another 300,000 euros. The proposal of the association was approved by all the municipal councils.

Marienweiher: they bike and they pray

Marienweiher: they bike and they pray

The volunteers from marienweiher baked 25 cakes and pies for the motorcyclists, says karola korzendorfer from the preparation team. A bratwurst stand was ordered.

"We set off from bamberg with five men, and in the end there were nine of us", draws the chairman of the motorcycle community st. James, roland bohm (52), balance sheet. "That is of course disappointing, but that was just the hard core. I think it is simply due to the weather", he says.

Cell phone robber threatens his victim with sharp glass

Coburg police officers succeeded in arresting a 23-year-old in the city area, only a short time after he had robbed a 17-year-old of his cell phone and a small amount of cash late on saturday evening.
Since the 23-year-old man is strongly suspected of having committed the crime, he was brought before the investigating judge at the request of the coburg public prosecutor’s office and must now answer to criminal charges of robbery and extortion.
As reported by the police prasidium upper franconia, the 17-year-old was on saturday evening about 22.30 o’clock on the way to fub at bahnhofsplatz, when the unknown man first asked him for a cigarette and then pulled him behind a building. There, the robber threatened his victim with a broken bottle and demanded the handover of the cell phone and the cash that the youth was carrying. After the 17 year old who had been smuggled in had handed over his cell phone and a few euros to the perpetrator, the unknown man fled the scene.
In the context of the initiated search measures by the alarmed police officers the tatverdachtige could be seized short time later not far from the scene in the blumenstrabe and be arrested beforehand. The man, who was clearly under the influence of alcohol, insulted the police officers with violent swear words.
In his apartment, the officers also discovered a small amount of narcotics. The public prosecutor’s office applied for an arrest warrant against the 23-year-old, which was executed on sunday subject to conditions.

Therapy is being tailored

Therapy is being tailored

Women cannot protect themselves from breast cancer, but diagnosis, treatment and cure have significantly improved the chances of survival and recovery in recent years. The kulmbach clinic is offering a free information evening on wednesday in the cafeteria.
Benno lex, head of the women's clinic, and other experts want to take away the fear of the disease from patients and their families and give lectures on early detection, surgical therapy and radiation therapy as well as psycho oncology. Start is at 6 p.M., end around 9 p.M.

BR: why does the women's clinic invite you to this information evening??
Benno lex: with the change of chief physician and the renewal of the medical team, the focus on the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer has intensified. The treatment of breast cancer is an interdisciplinary challenge, which means that in addition to the gynecologist, many other specialist groups should be involved in the treatment. These cooperations were redesigned or, in the case of psychooncology, completely reinstalled.
Who is the event aimed at?
Especially to patients, relatives and all who are interested in the most common cancer in women and the modern treatment options.

Readers’ forum: caution, deceptive packaging

Readers' forum: caution, deceptive packaging

With the so-called rough support of the planned volkach east bypass, the amount to be borne by the city seems to be reduced from three million euro to now a good 1.5 million euro. State secretary gerhard eck promises a conversion grant of 750,000 euros and a grant of 600,000 euros for maintenance expenses that the state will save by transferring the road to volkach.

Some people, one could read in the main post, "think it's great", so "the bypass for volkach is manageable". Yes, don't these people know that a conversion requirement is supposed to bring lost purchasing power into the city?? However, another road cannot accomplish this task (how is the cutting up of the volkach floodplain supposed to do this?)?).

Why is it so warm in france?

Two months after the start of 2D seismic measurements in the bayreuth district, the last points were measured yesterday near hirschaid in the bamberg district. Geologists from the geo zentrum nordbayern at the friedrich-alexander-universitat erlangen-nurnberg (FAU) have used seismic measurements to explore the subsurface in franconia in order to track down the causes of the unusually high temperatures.

As part of the research project, the subsoil was "x-rayed" down to a depth of twelve kilometers. The aim is to increase the knowledge of geology, to learn more about the warm anomaly and to gather knowledge for a possible geothermal use. Four seismic lines with a total length of more than 230 kilometers were traced and vibrations were sent underground.

Carols know christmas

carols know christmas

Already for the 23rd time. For the first time the traditional doreihnacht, organized by the voluntary fire department, took place on the afternoon of saint’s eve in the village square in seubelsdorf, in front of the old community center. About 200 visitors loved to get in the mood for the christmas celebration.

The chairman of the seubelsdorf fire brigade, thomas loffler, saw it as a fine tradition that many burghers, whether as participants or visitors, regularly come together on christmas eve to look forward to the festive season under the large christmas tree.

Fubball yes, disco no

Fubball yes, disco no

What do ze roberto, claudio pizarro and reinhard niebler have in common?? All of them are fubball players who – despite their advanced age – still make positive headlines with their performances. The latter had actually hung up his pedal boots a long time ago. But for his hometown club SV poxdorf, the 41-year-old once again declared his willingness to tackle the mission of keeping the team in the second division of the district league.

By whom were they played?
Reinhard niebler: heinz halmer. I met him in 2007, when he lured me to the A-class as a freshly minted poxdorf player-coach after relegation. I played under him for four years. In this time we have succeeded with the passage into the district league, the greatest success in the history of the club. I have rarely seen such a fubball-mad coach. If you take a close look at his vita, you quickly realize what kind of a guy heinz is: he has been successful with all clubs and has been in charge everywhere for several years. You have to give him credit for that.

Creating community was his goal

creating community was his goal

Last sunday, pastor and dean michael schupferling solemnly entered his marktgraitz church "zur heiligsten dreifaltigkeit" for the last time with many colleagues in office. Pastor schupferling, who will in the future lead the parish st. Theresia in erlangen, said that he sees this mass more as a thanksgiving service than a farewell. However, the mood was already marked by a certain melancholy.

The songs of the church choir and the children’s choir, which together with the organist thomas bahr and the singing community marktgraitz-mannsgereuth musically decorated the service "neither fear nor sorrow can separate us" or "our pastor, he must go" expressed this.