Get out of the victim role

Get out of the victim role

Sebastian wachter sits on top of the stage, in his wheelchair. Right next to him a poster of a woman doing an aerial jump. Symbol of pure life energy. A contradiction only at first glance, as the visitors to the vlf women’s day in iphofen quickly realized during the 30-year-old’s presentation. For often it is not primarily the extraordinary circumstances that stand in the way of one’s own life’s happiness. It is the barriers in his head.

An 18-year-old goes on a trip with his brother. They jump over a creek. The brother arrives safely on the other side. The 18-year-old gets stuck on a root, falls into the stream. It is the moment that changes sebastian wachter’s life. His brother pulls him out of the cold water, saves him from drowning. The rescuers come, take care of him. But he has not yet reached the 5. Broken neck vertebrae, 95 percent of his muscles are paralyzed.

Debate about loosening the rules picks up speed again

Debate about loosening the rules picks up speed again

Shortly before the federal and state governments meet to discuss how to proceed with the corona crisis, north rhine-westphalia has drawn up a timetable for easing the current restrictions.

In the most densely populated state, schools are to reopen gradually after the easter vacations, and a week later older kindergarten children will also be allowed to return to daycare centers. This is what school minister yvonne gebauer and family minister joachim stamp (both FDP) told the deutsche presse-agentur in dusseldorf.

Model project digital school paid off this year

The wreathing as the start of the annual foundation festival was still celebrated in small style. The school festival normally held the next day had to be cancelled due to pandemic regulations. The school management therefore informed about their "parents portal", which schoolchildren will receive a bonus this year because of their good performance.

There were 78 in total, which principal burkhard spachmann proudly proclaimed in his letter. In addition, this year there were 20 high school graduates who were honored for top achievements.

Memmelsdorf celebrates for five days

Memmelsdorf – memmelsdorf, the untermerzbach district on the alster, prepares for its church consecration festival. The election starts on thursday, 24. August. The sports club SV memmelsdorf, the singing club "liederkranz memmelsdorf and the local fire department organize the church consecration days with numerous offers.
With bratwurst specialties at the SV goes on thursday, 24. August, at 18.30 a.M., after the players’ meeting at the former school. The sports club will also be offering a church fair dinner on friday from 17 p.M. Onwards.30 a.M., on sunday from 11 a.M.30 (after the festive service) and from 5 p.M. And on monday from 5 p.M. Onwards.30 o’clock. Entertainment music at the SV is also on monday with "FBI". Reservations for sunday are gladly accepted by the fubballers. "The pub, with it the choral society means the former "prackleinhaus", is open on saturday. There will be a flea market and from 14.30 o’clock the sangers open their coffee bar. From 18.30 o’clock will be served hearty food. Musical accompaniment by the solo entertainer "markus aus altenstein one can sit comfortably together from 7 p.M. Onwards.
The local fire department will also be active at the kirchweihaus on monday. At the fire station there is an early pint at 10 a.M., later lunch and coffee and cake. Fur gaudi according to old tradition is from 3 p.M. At the "hahnenschlag" provided.


District curator of local history bertram becker bids farewell

district curator of local history bertram becker bids farewell

Former principal bertram becker (burghausen) served for 24 years as a local historian for the munnerstadt area. Then he resigned from this office at his own request. "Because I've become an old person, says the 75-year-old. And "before people say the old guy belongs away too."

He came to this function in 1988, because of his "eager and lively" work chairman peter genth resigns for health reasons had to. He had been approached by the district administration and the district council. He took on the task partly because he had studied local history and folklore in wurzburg, says the director of studies a. D. The time frame has been very different. In some months he was on the road almost every day because local expertise was needed.

The grandchildren are franziska kohler’s joy

The grandchildren are franziska kohler's joy

Many guests came to the 90th anniversary. On the occasion of franziska kohler's 50th birthday, she arrived at her home to congratulate him. The jubilarian was born in poxdorf. She grew up there and, like many girls who did not have a farm at home, had to complete her compulsory year on a farm after graduating from school. "We were paid 20 marks a month for that.", she tells. After that, she worked with her grandparents and relatives wherever she was needed.

It wasn't a good time after the war, reports franziska kohler, and she remembers that things only got better with the new government in 1948. In the meantime, she met her husband michael kohler, married in 1949 and moved to effeltrich to her husband's small farm. Out of this marriage came the two children sylvia and heidi.

Bad bruckenau schoolchildren analyze population figures

Bad bruckenau schoolchildren analyze population figures

The city council has already discussed the declining population in bad bruckenau several times. Now, in the main committee, twelve students from the franz miltenberger high school dared to make a forecast up to the year 2035. In this unusual project as part of a P-seminar, the young people work with the expert on demographic change, dr. Rainer gottwald, together.

The idea for this project came from his namesake, peter gottwald, a teacher at the franz miltenberger high school. He worked for more than a year with the schoolchildren in the framework of the seminar. The idea of extending this forecast to the bruckenau rhonallianz came to him during the lessons. "Since only three students come from the bad bruckenau area and the remaining nine are from the old district, these figures are particularly interesting." The students were quickly enthusiastic about the seminar and eager to get started. "It concerns us and "the project was not easy, says schoolmaster martin hergenroder. They are proud of their results, after all, the students invested a lot of time and effort. They work on their project for two hours a week each.

Good housing in bamberg remains in short supply

Good housing in bamberg remains in short supply

For many students, the academic career begins with a protracted search for accommodation. The reason for this is the shortage of housing in the popular university cities. It makes no difference whether it is a small town like bamberg or a metropolis like stuttgart – there is a shortage of suitable and affordable apartments.

The acute housing shortage at many university locations is not new, the problem is well known. For example, the abolition of compulsory military service and the double high school graduation years increased the number of first-year students to a record of over half a million in 2011.

Dream or reality?

Dream or reality?

Habfurt – "alice in wonderland you may remember it as a children's book, but what the audience saw at the "silberfisch" shows was a little different (the all-day care building at the school center) presented by the prospective high school graduates of the P-seminar of the regiomontanus high school in habfurt was more than an old classic. In a modern version suitable for the stage, the schoolchildren presented a lively wonderland in which classical and new elements were effectively mixed, as a report from the gymnasium shows.

With music
Numerous musical pieces, played solo or with the big band under the direction of ekkehard grieninger, enriched the theater piece, so that it could almost be called a musical. The wind players, who were partly reinforced by teachers from the school, created a successful instrumental background. This made it possible to create a dynamic of its own and to assign the appropriate musical component to the game on the stage.
With an unbelievable amount of enthusiasm, the 15 actors, under the direction of teacher katrin hiernickel, who had staged the play, slipped into the typical roles that many people are familiar with. With original costume ideas and full of enthusiasm, all the students who had put together the theater piece as part of a so-called P(project) seminar at the gymnasium were convincing.

Nativity friends are active all year round

Once a year the board of the "krippenfreunde herzogenaurach" thanks the active members with a club dinner. Chairman hans schmitt was able to bury numerous members at this small celebration, which was held in the parish garden of the herzogenaurach city parish thanks to the fine weather. He thanked the very active crib friends for their support in the many tasks.

On their club land on the welkenbacher kirchweg, the active members have erected their crib house and are constantly busy completing the extension. They recently cleared out an external warehouse and will be opening another one in the foreseeable future.