New study program presented in coburg

New study program presented in coburg

Studying without a high school diploma, earning an academic degree at the age of 50 or during a child-rearing period – all this will be possible in coburg from october 2013. The comments of the program director of the university of coburg, roland hertrich, sounded exciting. The target group is employees in companies who already have professional experience and would like to expand their knowledge or obtain an academic degree, he described the project. Two courses of study in business administration are offered, leading to a bachelor's and master's degree.

The starting shot was fired in 2011

850 Singers from 32 choirs are to make the cathedral city resound

850 singers from 32 choirs are to make the cathedral city resound

"Bamberg – all choir" heibt on saturday, 4. June, from 4 p.M. In the cathedral city, when for the fifth time the choir day goes over the stage. 850 singers from a total of 32 choirs will perform at four performance venues (st. Martin, spiegelsaal of the harmonie, horsale U7 and U2 of the universitat bamberg) expected. The event is organized by the bamberg choral society, to which 120 choruses belong. Its chairman, peter markel from hirschaid, is already looking forward to a day full of music in bamberg.

What is behind the "bamberg – ganz chor" campaign?? Peter Markel: the basic idea was already ten years ago. The event, which takes place every two years, used to be called "night of the choirs" and started at 7 pm. Since this year's event will also include children's and school choruses, the performances will begin as early as 4 p.M. 26 adult choirs will also have the opportunity to present their various repertoires to an interested audience this evening. Due to the short distances between the performance venues, the audience is able to hear many different choruses and styles within the seven hours. Thus the bamberg city center is to be "completely choir" in this evening his. How difficult is it to encourage young people to sing nowadays?? Although the demands and leisure activities for young people are constantly increasing in the schools, there are always numerous children who achieve outstanding choral performances, especially in the school choirs and in the clubs. The sangerkreis bamberg encourages children to sing as early as kindergarten by awarding them a certificate attesting to the kindergarten's high musical quality. Increasingly, school choirs are also taking part in "bamberg – ganz chor", for example part and thus present themselves to a coarser audience. Whenever performance requirements and qualified choir leadership meet, there are always enough young people who are willing to study modern or classical works over a longer period of time. Examples of this are the district youth choir under the direction of wolfgang reh and the young choir body`n soul "all saints" under the direction of gunther werthmann from schonbrunn. How did you find your way to singing?? About 50 years ago, the hirschaider mannerchor was looking for young singers. Since my father was already a member of this choir, it was obvious to go along to a choir lesson one day. Since that time i have been enthusiastic about singing in a community and for this reason i still sing in the kaiser-heinrich-chor bamberg today. It is also important to me that singing in a choir creates and maintains friendships.


Poetry slam virus grips kulmbach

Poetry slam virus grips kulmbach

They did it again! With high entertainment value! Eight slammers from near and far presented their self-written texts in the hall of the kommunbrau and then faced the evaluation of the audience jury.

As in ice skating, the scoreboards were held high and points were determined. After the preliminary round, in which all the slammers read a text partly from the page and partly recited it freely, the favorites of the evening had already emerged: helmuth steierwald "a friend of mindless entertainment comedy", as he titled himself, the nurnberger julian kalks with his thought-provoking and pictorially poetic "rest area collages" as well as shiva kianpoor with a free spoken piece about the differences between parents and children made it to the final round.

“Together against all forms of anti-semitism”

The city of bamberg and the israelitische kultusgemeinde bamberg organized again this year on the evening of the 9th bamberg anniversary the "bamberg" event. November a commemoration of the reichspogromnacht at the synagogue square.

Mayor andreas starke ( SPD ) recalled the terrible events and warned: "the events of november 9, 1938 cannot and must not be forgotten. November 1938 cannot and must not be forgotten. That night the bamberger jewish synagogue was on fire here. Unfortunately, we also know this from current events, this ignoring, this lack of civil courage, although others need help and support."