Church gets more space

Over 31 million invested by the wurzburg diocese in all of lower franconia. The money is used, for example, to rebuild or renovate churches and parish halls. Parts of the sum will also benefit buildings in the district of bad kissingen.

Around 300,000 euros went to waldfenster, for example, where there is a special feature: the people of waldfenster have two churches – right next to each other. The old mary himmelfahrt from the year 1804 and the st. Pius church, which was built in the 60s.

However, the latter is now too small and dilapidated. "The roof above the altar is leaking, for example", female pastor stephan hartmann. When calculating the costs, we realized that it would be cheaper to demolish the building and build a new one than to renovate all the structural deficiencies. The old baker's store in front of maria-himmelfahrt is also to be torn down, and parking spaces for the faithful will be built in its place.

"However, the new building falls more under the heading of "building in the existing structure, hartmann explains. Because the heart of the waldfensterer beats for the old church maria-himmelfahrt. Therefore, it was decided to extend the small church. After the demolition of st. Pius a transept is to be added to maria-himmelfahrt in order to solve the space requirements of the believers. "Seen from a bird's eye view, it makes a cross", continues the spiritual.

What the annex should look like?

The architekturburo christoph mackler from frankfurt is responsible for the planning. It is planned that the cross beams will blend harmoniously into the overall appearance of the old church, emphasized deacon michael schlereth. The balancing act between preserving the old building and the increased space requirements poses a major challenge.

But with the demolition of st. Pius and the addition of a transept is not done in waldfenster. "The entire furnishings, i.E. Pulpit, altars and holy figures, are being restored", hartmann explains. According to the bavarian state office for the preservation of historical monuments, a certain amount of old inventory must be preserved.

In addition, the expansion of the old church meant that the side altars in maria-himmelfahrt had to be moved to make room for the transept. In addition, structural engineers are on board, since the gallery will be pulled further into the room, so that more believers can be accommodated. "We are lucky to still have many believers in waldfenster who also attend the church services, so that the expansion is worthwhile", stresses the pastor of the market burkardroth. For the time of the reconstruction the church services were held in the parish center.

Even though no date has been set for the start of the work, the planning is not at rest.
"Currently, the tenders for the construction works are in full swing, the demolition works have already been awarded, while the tender for the annex is still underway", the clergyman explains the current state of affairs.

Another example of a project demanded by the diocese in the district is the former parish home in ebenhausen. The diocese contributed a good 400,000 euros to the general renovation of the church. "Due to a change in the way the building applications are processed in the wurzburg diocese, we have divided the construction work into two phases. Section one includes the parish house and the water house in the garden", explains church caretaker martina greubel.

"The parish hall had the character of a shell at times, walls had to be torn out, the building was gutted – that was a lot of work", she emphasizes. At the moment, only the final inspection and some minor maintenance work is still to be done. "We still have to put away some furnishings and clean the cellar", pays greubel up.

Next, it was necessary to decide on the second phase of the project, which had not yet been defined in detail. "It was important to us that first of all the parish hall is in good shape again, so that the groups can use the building again since the spring."

The church administrator's observations show that the approach was the right one: among other things, the toddlers' group has grown enormously due to the attractiveness of the new parish hall. The meetings at the building erected in 1612 after the may devotions also met with a positive response. "Everyone is quite enthusiastic", emphasizes the 52-year-old.

There are also plans to redesign the parish garden. This should be used for festivities and meetings. However, the access is still a headache for the ebenhausern. Currently, there is only a small ture in the city wall. "We can't get people in or out of there," she says, greubel sums up. Therefore, it was decided to create a breakthrough.
But when all the work will be completed is still in the stars.


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