Comment: respect for the volunteers

Comment: Respect for the volunteers

The office of mayor, county council, city council or municipal council is not subject to amusement tax. Most of them work on a voluntary or part-time basis for their fellow citizens, sacrifice a lot of free time, spend hours on topics that don’t always make sense, and often get enough criticism from the public for it. You have to like it.

Nevertheless, for the 2020 municipal elections, hundreds of volunteers are once again declaring themselves ready to take responsibility for their communities, to decide important issues on behalf of their fellow citizens and to drive developments forward.

At the community level, people know each other personally

No question: nowhere is politics closer to the people than at the local level. People often still know each other personally and at the same time know the local conditions. That makes it exciting and the feedback from the burghers comes immediately, unlike at higher levels.

Unfortunately, even in mainfranken and in the district of kitzingen, people with mandates repeatedly complain that manners and decency are lost in disputes over opinions. The best solutions can be fought over, even argued over. But a debate should not hurt anyone, neither physically nor psychologically.

For current and future elected officials, we should take to heart the fact that if they make an effort to perform their duties with dedication, they deserve the respect and recognition of all of us. And this is also true for all candidates who are not elected. Thank you all for making the choice.


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