Consumers worry about local retail and buy online

The vast majority of consumers in germany are concerned about the survival of retailers in their region in the corona crisis. But that doesn’t stop many of them from shopping more on the internet than before the crisis.

This is the result of a representative survey published on thursday by the digital association bitkom on "e-commerce trends 2020".

In the survey, four out of five consumers said they feared that many retailers in their region would not be able to cope economically with the corona year. Two-thirds said they deliberately buy from local retailers to remain loyal to them. Just as many, however, wished more local retailers had an online offering. Because shopping in stores is scary for quite a few consumers in the pandemic. Almost three quarters of the respondents complained that other people often did not observe the rules of distance and hygiene when shopping in stores.

"In view of the difficult economic situation, the people in germany are eager to support their favorite store in a targeted way. This often doesn’t work because many stationary retailers still don’t offer their customers an online service," said bitkom chief executive bernhard rohleder.

Online shopping has become even more attractive for most consumers in the crisis. According to bitkom, 83 percent of the total population over the age of 16 – 57 million consumers in germany – now use the internet to shop. Hardly anyone who has an internet connection does without online shopping altogether. Three quarters of online shoppers click the order button several times a month.

In the bitkom survey, a good one in three respondents said they had been shopping online more since corona. Consumers particularly appreciate online shopping because it can be delivered directly to their homes, is not dependent on opening times and offers a wider range of products online. For one in three online shoppers, however, it is also important to be able to minimize the risk of contracting corona when shopping on the internet.

According to the survey, clothing and shoes are the most popular online purchases. But people also like to order electrical household appliances, books and cosmetics on the internet. However, one in eight online purchases is sent back again. The return rate is particularly high among 16- to 29-year-olds. They send back almost every fifth product ordered.


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