District curator of local history bertram becker bids farewell

district curator of local history bertram becker bids farewell

Former principal bertram becker (burghausen) served for 24 years as a local historian for the munnerstadt area. Then he resigned from this office at his own request. "Because I've become an old person, says the 75-year-old. And "before people say the old guy belongs away too."

He came to this function in 1988, because of his "eager and lively" work chairman peter genth resigns for health reasons had to. He had been approached by the district administration and the district council. He took on the task partly because he had studied local history and folklore in wurzburg, says the director of studies a. D. The time frame has been very different. In some months he was on the road almost every day because local expertise was needed.

Bertram becker comes from the aschaffenburg area, but has lived in the bad kissingen district for 50 years. He loves the rhon and its people learned to love.

He has achieved quite a lot," says bertram becker. He was particularly committed to the issues of customs and folk music. Because "the traditions must not be lost". They are to be preserved in the minds of the people.

Home is where you feel at home. This is what he and his wife found here.
His conclusion: "I enjoyed the office, but there are also younger ones." Withdraw completely he did not want to. He does not know if there will be a successor for him and who that could be, says bertram becker.

Much burde and little became
District administrator thomas bold (CSU) praised bertram becker's work as "quite outstanding. As an example, he singled out the church ruins on the michelsberg mountain. It was also saved from complete decay thanks to sponsors. It is thanks to bertram becker that a cross from 1320 has found a place there. The site has now become a popular destination for excursions.

In a time of globalization, the concept of home is playing an increasingly minor role for many people. Home is important, it corrupts our origins. The home caretakers carried out their tasks with dedication, a lot of hard work and little was done.

District administrator bold not only said goodbye bertram becker with words of praise and a certificate of thanks. He also presented appointment certificates and service cards to the four remaining district curators cornelia mence, roland heinlein, werner eberth (77) and christian neugebauer. The district council had given its order until the 30. April 2019 agreed.

Open all-day care
Christian Neugebauer takes over bertram becker's responsibilities in part with. He is in working groups on the occasion of "150 years of the german war of 1866" active. Cornelia mence is very involved in the jewish cultural days. Roland heinlein organizes archaeological courses for local historians and also took care of the estate of josef wabra (†). Werner eberth is currently writing a book about julius cardinal dopfner.

As of the coming school year, there will also be an open school in bad kissingen, as has been the case in hammelburg since 2010 all-day school at the saale valley special education center. A group of twelve children from the fifth and ninth grades is planned. Cooperation partner will also be the schweinfurter gesellschaft zur forderung beruflicher und sozialer integration (gfi). Gfi staff look after the children from 1 to 4 p.M. Mondays to thursdays. The offer also includes "a reasonable, high-quality lunch" (meeting template). There is plenty of space available for this class. Additional costs – apart from a contribution of 5,000 euros per year – do not arise for the district. The cultural committee approved the idea.


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