Dream or reality?

Dream or reality?

Habfurt – "alice in wonderland you may remember it as a children's book, but what the audience saw at the "silberfisch" shows was a little different (the all-day care building at the school center) presented by the prospective high school graduates of the P-seminar of the regiomontanus high school in habfurt was more than an old classic. In a modern version suitable for the stage, the schoolchildren presented a lively wonderland in which classical and new elements were effectively mixed, as a report from the gymnasium shows.

With music
Numerous musical pieces, played solo or with the big band under the direction of ekkehard grieninger, enriched the theater piece, so that it could almost be called a musical. The wind players, who were partly reinforced by teachers from the school, created a successful instrumental background. This made it possible to create a dynamic of its own and to assign the appropriate musical component to the game on the stage.
With an unbelievable amount of enthusiasm, the 15 actors, under the direction of teacher katrin hiernickel, who had staged the play, slipped into the typical roles that many people are familiar with. With original costume ideas and full of enthusiasm, all the students who had put together the theater piece as part of a so-called P(project) seminar at the gymnasium were convincing.

Down the rabbit hole
What was it about? Alice, bored by the colorless world of adults, was met by a hectically hopping female rabbit (laura schneider), who was always "too late" was lured into a rabbit hole. After that, alice in wonderland experienced numerous adventures, most of which defied logic. The confused and curious alice was played very authentically by felicia jilke. She had an unbelievable textfulle to master and convinced in her role.
Alice's sister (katharina lutsch), who prefers to read boring books without pictures, shouted all kinds of admonishments at her little alice right at the beginning of the play, so wonderfully heartily down the rabbit hole that the first tears of laughter started to roll.
A well-known role in the book and also in film adaptations is the mad hatter, played by sophia elflein. Bouncy, lively, bored or wildly enthusiastic, she was able to play out her temperament and even picked up the guitar a few times in between to sing or accompany.

The caterpillar
A special challenge was the role of the caterpillar. Luisa steinhauser not only had to crawl on the ground tied up in a sleeping bag – in a cocoon, so to speak – in this role. She also had to play an old, experienced, tired caterpillar full of sleepiness and monotony, certainly not easy for a fun-loving 18-year-old. The schoolgirl was also convincing in singing. With duck and humpty dumpty, david shigalkin had a double role. Stefanie benedict (grinsekatze), vanessa wilk and jessica barth (diedeldum and diedeldei), leonie bock (moody duchess), sascha pataky (cook) and johannes frey (rollmops) slipped into further roles.
The tea party was the culmination of the nonsense once created by the british writer lewis carrol. Five o'clock – time for tea, interrupted by alarm bells and foghorns and steam and wild confusion.
A highlight was the monologue of the rabbit marz (david klarmann), who sadly pondered about alice's growing old. His concentrated expression, paired with rough stage presence, made this performance at the theater stucco something special.
The queen of hearts burst into this scene, first commanding the lobster quadrille with imperious commands and then chasing first the real lobster (katharina lutsch) and then the supposed lobster, alice. A trial was held to find out who alice was. "Head off, heart out" – this was the standard saying of the queen, who, full of conviction, scared everyone and even sang herself as the "queen of pain" outed. Fortunately for alice, this life-threatening scene dissolved into an almost imperceptible transition to reality. Truth or dream, this question was deliberately left open, and with a wonderful dance all the actors said goodbye.


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