From the city council

Urban redevelopment a feasibility study on some urban projects in the context of urban redevelopment was presented by kersten schottner. The subject was the renovation and conversion of three vacant buildings in the city of wallenfels. The forderoffensive nordostbayern and the urban redevelopment open up previously unthinkable possibilities. "If we succeeded in bringing life into two of the buildings, this would bring wallenfels very much forward.", city councillor bernd stocker, for example, is placing a great deal of hope in the ideas and the possibilities for demand. Possible future rental income, however, is excluded from the claim, for example. The former schmidtbank seems most advanced and feasible. "It's all highly complex, pointed out mayor jens korn. The plans are a good basis for further work.

Priest grave the land and building committee had some site visits. The priest's grave, which has been in a deplorable condition for a long time, is to be improved. A uniform appearance for these graves is planned. The staircase, which is to be abandoned, was discussed intensively. The project is to be implemented together with the church community. The water playground on the leutnitz was inspected. Here the focus was on safety on the playgrounds.

Outdoor pool on 18. May wallenfels starts the outdoor pool season. The pool is in a very good condition. The filter system was renewed for 5000 euros. At one time, a new filter system for 125,000 euros was also being considered. "A great thing", mayor jens korn thanked the lifeguards who came up with the outstanding alternative solution. The kiosk has a new tenant, a restaurateur from schwarzenbach am wald takes over. 

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