Fubball yes, disco no

Fubball yes, disco no

What do ze roberto, claudio pizarro and reinhard niebler have in common?? All of them are fubball players who – despite their advanced age – still make positive headlines with their performances. The latter had actually hung up his pedal boots a long time ago. But for his hometown club SV poxdorf, the 41-year-old once again declared his willingness to tackle the mission of keeping the team in the second division of the district league.

By whom were they played?
Reinhard niebler: heinz halmer. I met him in 2007, when he lured me to the A-class as a freshly minted poxdorf player-coach after relegation. I played under him for four years. In this time we have succeeded with the passage into the district league, the greatest success in the history of the club. I have rarely seen such a fubball-mad coach. If you take a close look at his vita, you quickly realize what kind of a guy heinz is: he has been successful with all clubs and has been in charge everywhere for several years. You have to give him credit for that.

Fubballverruckt also applies to them, however. After all, with her 41 years on the turf, she is already one of the "old hands".
I wanted to play this year with the old men of the SVP. After one game, the call for help came from the first team, which had to deal with the departure of a number of key players, especially on defense. Helping out turned into a long-term commitment. My motivation is to prevent the threat of double relegation and to help my hometown club in this predicament. But I have always stressed that I don’t want to block the way for the youngsters. After this season is definitely over. I’m going to be a father for the fourth time this summer, I’m busy as a family doctor and I’m coaching a youth team in schlaifhausen.

What is your relationship to the players, some of whom are 20 years younger than you??
When i returned to poxdorf in 2007, i kicked together with players i had once coached in the F-youth. That is a remarkable story. But with the boys everything works smoothly. I try to pull them along with my experience and, in turn, stay young myself through them. At party and disco evenings, however, i tend to stay out of the way.

Why is poxdorf in this difficult position?
We started the season very weak and left some points behind. Only when we became more stable defensively did the results improve. At the moment, however, we are running on fumes in terms of personnel. We had from the outset a dark squad, which is plagued by numerous injuries. Contractors are dropping out. Nevertheless, we still have many feasible and decisive duels ahead of us and can achieve the mission to stay in the league by our own efforts.

Sunday’s game against the table-toppers was not one of the doable tasks, though, was it??
The game against hallerndorf is more of a chance to surprise. We already put a big exclamation mark on the first leg with a goalless draw and can play there again without pressure. Only then come the decisive parts.

To whom do they fit more?
My steep pass goes to a woman, who is a role model in many things. Simone wagner is a player in the district league for DJK-FC schlaifhausen, a really good kicker. In addition, she is socially engaged, participates in the board of the association and as a coach of the first men’s team. Her sister works in my practice as a medical assistant.


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