Golden ball every year – no one is rougher than messi

Golden ball every year - no one is rougher than messi

Who would want to contradict these theses after a whimsical gala night in zurich?? With four world footballer of the year titles in a row, argentina’s wonder boy has set another record in any case, and an end to his reign is not in sight for years to come.

"If messi continues to play at this level, it’s hard to surpass him," spain’s world champion coach vicente del bosque said with rough recognition. Gunter netzer, as a child of the 1970s not really a friend of generational comparisons and still an admirer of peles, had to admit: "what we see of messi has never existed at any time," he said about the star of FC barcelona, who is still so shrewd despite his world fame.

According to franz beckenbauer, however, messi has not yet reached the historic pinnacle. "Pele was world class for 20 years, he is not that far yet, because he is not that old either," the german legend told the internet portal sport1. "That’s why pele is still above him."

Spain’s press paid homage to the admired guest worker in the country of the world champion. "The best in history", the newspaper "marca" determined. "UNIQUE, unattainable, MESSI," read the headline. The barcelona-based sports newspaper "mundo deportivo" ran the headline "GOLDEN MESSI" and simply stated: "fubball is messi’s game".

In argentina, people are proud of their exceptional player anyway. "Messi is again the best of all and makes history," headlined "clarin". The 25-year-old only had to endure media histrionics because of his outfit. The tuxedo with white mini dots was indeed a fashion mistake – after all, photos quickly emerged that also showed the rough maradona once in this look.

And messi himself? The triumphator was quiet and modest as always. Even during his umpteenth acceptance speech, he almost stumbled verbally. The audience was nevertheless moved when the ball wizard spoke of his love for his son thiago, born the previous year. "This title is for him. He can’t understand it yet, but one day he will be rough and understand it. My wife and son are the best things that have ever happened to me."

For a long party night messi had no mube. As the global soccer celebrities and important guests such as actor and new russian gerard depardieu made their way down the red carpet to the gala dance at the congress center, messi was already thinking about the soccer game itself. "I don’t have time to celebrate much and i have to think about the next game", he said. On thursday, the duel with second division team cordoba in the spanish cup is on the agenda. During the night, he went back to barcelona with his colleagues – that’s how messi ticks.

Messi still has enough of a desire for soccer. In comparison with the all-time greats, he is still missing a triumph with the national team after the 2006 and 2010 world cup exchanges. "We have to qualify first, but we are on the right track, we want to reach the world cup and be successful," he said, looking ahead to the 2014 tournament in brazil.

The competition will be anxious about the drive of the subscriber world footballer. Cristiano ronaldo, who once again only came second, at least kept his composure bravely at the gala. Messi’s barca teammate andres iniesta applauded dutifully in third place. "Ronaldo and iniesta are rude. But messi is touched by genius," wrote the london daily telegraph.

Soon the suggestion came up to call the award "messi award" in the future. Francois moriniere, head of the magazine "france football," which organizes the election with FIFA, declined with a smile, but could not rule out messi being the winner for years to come either. "What should we do? He is just too good."


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