Good housing in bamberg remains in short supply

Good housing in bamberg remains in short supply

For many students, the academic career begins with a protracted search for accommodation. The reason for this is the shortage of housing in the popular university cities. It makes no difference whether it is a small town like bamberg or a metropolis like stuttgart – there is a shortage of suitable and affordable apartments.

The acute housing shortage at many university locations is not new, the problem is well known. For example, the abolition of compulsory military service and the double high school graduation years increased the number of first-year students to a record of over half a million in 2011.

In 2012, the rush slowed somewhat, but the number of first-year students still reached the second-highest level ever achieved. According to experts, there were around 1.7 million students in 1999. Students, whereas today the figure is 2.5 million.
Housing construction lags behind demand
however, housing construction in bamberg can hardly keep pace with these figures. The municipalities are therefore calling on the government to set up a federal-state investment program for housing. But even if this were to happen, the need would probably only be alleviated in the medium term. Since building projects took a long time, at least three years were needed from planning to moving in.

The rush on the housing market at the university locations, however, now has acute consequences that are not limited to students looking for a place to live.
Purchase prices and rents have been driven up sharply in some cases by the onslaught. The high fluctuation leads to frequent new rentals or new owners, which boost prices considerably.

Student cities are ideal for investment
In bamberg, for example, the price of owner-occupied apartments has risen by 30 percent in the last five years, significantly more than the average in germany, which is between 50 and 50 percent in cities.000 and 100.000 inhabitants amounts to 22 percent. 2.230 euros per square meter for an owner-occupied apartment according to "F+B research currently. Only tubingen and constance are more expensive at the moment.

In terms of the development of rents, bamberg is ahead of the rest of germany, with an increase of 27 percent however, according to the study, they had to pay a comparatively favorable 7.50 euros per square meter. Constance in badenwurttemberg is also the front-runner in this respect, with rents of €10.10 per square meter. This means that a student apartment in konstanz costs just as much as in the metropolis of stuttgart.

It is not the case that student housing is particularly expensive throughout southern germany. In contrast to stuttgart, people looking for housing in a city like rosenheim have to pay a comparatively favorable seven euros per square meter.

However, things are even better in north rhine westphalia. In bielefeld, students can look forward to a favorable price of 5.70 euros and have far fewer problems finding affordable housing than students in Bamberg or Stuttgart.


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