Gossip that goes on the stage

Gossip that goes on the stage

The rottershausers don’t have to worry about the future of their colorful evenings. In addition to some seasoned and experienced performers, many young people took part in the program, including the youngest, five-year-old noel stefan. Among those without whom the colorful evenings would be inconceivable is elli stahl, who came to rottershausen after her marriage in 1978 and continues to contribute her skills and creativity to this day. The older ones still remember 1979, when she appeared three times: in the singing group "vier spitzbuam", in the hit parade with "der alois aus mittenwald" and as a trainer of the men’s ballet "flowers from hawaii". She was almost continuously involved in the following period: "i always enjoyed it. For me it was always important to have an idea. Working out the details went smoothly." Elli stahl was always interested in what was happening in the village, especially since she herself is and has been involved in the public sphere. As a municipal councilor, she knew what was going on in and around the town hall. On the zither and with singing she makes in the "rottershauser stubenmusik" with. As a fcler, she knows what’s going on in the sports club and can learn a lot about the club’s work from her husband erwin, who is still responsible for the club today.
In the butt she shone among other things as "bawett", "newspaper woman and "doctor. Their duet performance as in "labor office" aroused enthusiasm, "in the waiting room, "gossip at the frisor" and "cleaners from. "Actually I didn’t want to do anything this year", she revealed. "But the young people do not love loose and wanted to be absolutely there. I love to spread my wings." And again it succeeded a splendid work with "session in the session".
The many girls and boys from the youth center provided excitement and fun at a fast-paced carnival session. There was instead of "eleven- a three-rod" with jonas rauh as the president of the meeting, who emphasized: "we only have half an hour. Go fast, and dos for 19,95 euro fee." Because the FC was looking for a rough event, but everything was too expensive. That’s why he got the super-cheap economy version as "ju hei" elected with the "dirty-junior-band, the prince and princess "doldi and doldine, the guard with the most beautiful women from rotterschhause, with groovy-short butt speeches, the children’s ballet "heute wird gebode" (today we will dance), the male ballet "the dying rooster", the cow yvonne and the hit parade "net lang, but it’s enough". Local events were interspersed: the mayor with a chain of office and a visit to the toilets from which he emerged with the young "loofra" coming back.
"The youth did a great job. We all had our joy", elli stahl praises the group. Five rehearsals were enough to make the "session" the best to be able to present. Applause rewarded the actors, who had put forward the idea of the "schopferin splendid transposition.
An "old hand in the rottershausen carnival is also sebastian werner, who in 1999 as a seventeen-year-old in the sketch "the prophecy the first time i participated. He belonged to the group with elli stahl. In addition, he acted in the butt and gave his self-written ideas, for example, to "hotel mama "zensi von der alm", "rubber doll", "jailbird" and "cosmetics salesmen" the best. "I enthusiastically participate in the colorful evenings", he assures "i’m always up for that." This time, he and his sister anika have taken a closer look at the topic of "man and woman" with expulsion from paradise selected. Both attacked each other in "original costumes with fig leaf" fierce. In the end, bastian werner confessed as "adam" a: "we’re sneaking out of here now; for always the woman has the last word." The spirken’s side blows to the ranninger gucker also caused laughter.


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