Government loves to help for almost a billion euros

Government loves to help for almost a billion euros

The ministry of education and research awarded almost half of the contracts, totaling more than 464 million euros.

A spokesman for the ministry of education pointed out that the amount primarily includes external administrative services for demand programs in education and research. For example, for years, the organizational management of programs such as "cutting-edge research in the new federal states" or "innovative small and medium-sized enterprises" has been handled by external project sponsors. These are located, for example, at the research center in julich or at the german center for aeronautics and space travel.

Also, unlike other ministries, the federal ministry of education does not have "subordinate agencies" that can implement the programs. The expenses for the shipping company of a research ship alone amounted to 56 million euros this year. The ministry of education spent only 4.6 million euros on consulting in 2012, said spokesman robin mishra.

In second place in total spending, according to the federal government’s list, is the ministry of economics. The house of FDP leader philipp rosler paid a total of just under 115 million euros. The other bursts are followed by the environment, interior and labor ministries.

The left-wing party criticized the practice of awarding contracts: "in view of these sums, it is difficult to speak of an economical and economic use of taxpayers’ money," says barbara holl, a member of the left-wing party, in an interview with "spiegel online".

The list includes fees for studies and projects starting at 500 euros, as well as those for advertising campaigns, lectures and presentations. The concrete sums are not shown in the 300-page list. These were classified as "confidential" and sent to the secret protection agency of the bundestag. The federal government justifies this with the business secrecy of the commissioned companies.


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