Greek tourism lags behind

Greek tourism lags behind

"In the past year, the sector has developed very well. For this year, things are looking less good than in 2011," the head of the EU’s team of experts, horst reichenbach, told "handelsblatt" (monday). Anti-german campaigns in greece may also have had an impact. "The number of german tourists is indeed declining. The mood in the country may play a role there."The development is certainly also related to the fact that north africa is once again an attractive travel destination following the stabilization of the situation there.

Recurring strikes could be of little help to the image of the destination in southeastern europe. In protest against a seven percent cut in their pensions, greek driving crews plan to strike for 48 hours starting monday morning. The islands of the agais, which do not have an airport, will be particularly affected. They will be practically cut off from the outside world because of the strike. The seamen’s union (PNO) announced on sunday that it will discuss on tuesday whether to extend the strike for another two days. The cuts in seafarers’ pensions are part of a major cut in all pensions in greece and an essential part of the tough austerity program to save greece from bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, the government in athens wants to make it easier for investors to jump into the crisis-ridden country by shortening the approval process for infrastructure projects. The government in athens has its sights set above all on solar power, which, according to environment minister giorgos papakonstantinou, is set to fly from greece to europe before 2015.

"A law for simpler approvals for key projects will be passed within the next few weeks," papakonstantinou announced in the "wirtschaftswoche" newspaper. "The investor will not have to do anything more, he will receive completely approved land from us, which is in public ownership. It can start immediately."The emerging solar power industry is to be led by a new state-owned company, helios SA, which is to form joint ventures with private investors to build power plants.

"By the end of the year, we will have completed all administrative preparations. By the end of 2013, the first plant with 300 megawatts will be in operation to show that it works," the magazine quotes the greek environment minister as saying.

The greek economy has been shrinking for more than four years without interruption. In 2011 alone, the recession reached a record level of around minus 7 percent. The unemployment rate is 21 percent. Nevertheless, the country has to accept draconian austerity measures – as a condition for international aid worth billions – which further weaken the economy. That is why there are more and more voices calling for a kind of "marshall plan" to build a competitive economy, in addition to a tough austerity course.

The task force wants to help the country revive its moribund economy. In addition, the ailing state apparatus is to be brought up to speed with reforms. In total, the task force targeted 180 projects in the transport, tourism, energy and agricultural sectors. Money from EU funds could go there. Reichenbach sees major progress in controlling spending: "the progress made in controlling the budget is astonishing. For the first time, there is now a complete overview of the country’s expenditures, both at the central level and in the regions and local areas."


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