He’s back: gisbert zu knyphausen in munich

He's back: gisbert zu knyphausen in munich

It was a small premiere: for the first time in seven years gisbert zu knyphausen opened his tour in munich on thursday with new songs in the pack.

"It’s great to be here again – and in front of so many people," said the songwriter to the 1000 or so fans who, according to the organizers, came to the muffathalle in munich that evening. There he and his band presented songs from the new album "the light of this world".

Some songs were accompanied only by the acoustic guitar, others had the full sound of the whole band in the back. The music of the 38-year-old has edges, is not polished. And so it doesn’t matter if knyphausen gets a little frisky on the stage. This only makes him more likeable for his fans.

The visitors celebrated knyphausen and the band in a relaxed atmosphere and visibly enjoyed themselves. "It is already my fourth concert of him. It’s always been good, always different," said antje berz from munich on thursday evening. "I really liked it – even if i like the very small concerts with just acoustic guitar even better," found 28-year-old tobi G. From munich.

Besides his own songs, knyphausen also played the song "hier bin ich", which he wrote together with the musician nils koppruch. Whose death in 2012 was the reason for knyphausen’s long career break. Under the band name kid kopphausen they had published a joint album.

After two encores knyphausen and band left the stage with a smile on their faces. "It has made us fun!" They want to come back.

The tour was planned to start in the fall of 2017, but a hard naked inflammation of the larynx put a spoke in the wheel of the singer and guitarist knyphausen. Besides munich, performances in berlin, hamburg and koln are also on the program. There are also plans for excursions to switzerland and austria.


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