In streitberg it was all about love

In streitberg it was all about love

Johann paul friedrich richter, who is better known to most friends of literature by his later name jean paul, was, no wonder, also in french-speaking switzerland. There many writers before and after him found an intellectually invigorating fludium.
But the special thing about jean paul's travels in french-speaking switzerland was something else: he was all about love. "Don't forget our rose yard and the rose sun before streitberg; they may bloom this year and you'll probably get there tomorrow evening", hermine, his beloved, said in a low, wavering voice in the book "palingenesia" as a farewell. She thus recalled the joint visit of streitberg a year before. On a high place there they both watched a glowing red sunset. To commemorate this, jean paul planted rose seeds in a circle around her location: on the inside, female roses, and on the edge, red roses, which together were supposed to symbolize the setting sun.
On easter sunday 1798, it was a 3. April, jean paul went wandering with his servant florian stub, presumably because he had quarreled with hermine. She was jealous of his admirers, so he gave her some letters to read, but they angered her even more. Via berneck and bayreuth he arrived at muggendorfer geburg on old stagecoach routes and approached his destination for the day. He writes about it: "it was towards evening, the day with its sources of light in the waters and on the meadows gradually dried up – the sunlight jerked from the peaks onto the mountain tops and poured halay into the sheer transparent sky. We went up the dark mountain in haste to find the deep sun still lying on the crust of the streitberg valley."

"With trembling heart"

When they finally reached the vista and saw the heavenly plane with hills and trees like fluttering magic locks of a fireworks display, and when jean paul "finally with trembling heart" when he came to his undecorated rose plantation and found it full of hard buds and soft thorns, "life seemed to me bright and light, like a summer afternoon's summery, refreshing, flowery night, and all the doors of the second light morning were already open".
His servant brought him back from his dreams and gave him a letter from hermine. In this letter, his beloved asked for forgiveness: "now that I have nothing more to order for your trip, my dear, I will prepare this letter for you at the very end, but you will receive it only on monday evening, next to our roses". I feel as if you were already far away, blob, because I am writing, and it is painful for me to take the pen, because I could talk. But no, at the sparing rosebed of our eternally bleeding hour and after three days, the leaf from the distant hand is probably welcome to you. – how do i put it?"
The letter made jean paul happy and immediately he wrote back to hermine, but at the same time he asked her: "i reject my streitberg answer to the reader, because in it i stood before the noble hermina as a son of confession, as a bubbling brother and a fiery bush at the same time." Early the next morning, jean paul set off in a cheerful mood on: "with what blessed sanctity – as if it were a holy place – i now travel across the bamberg meadows, from which in herminens dream flooded flowers had risen" – on to erlangen, baiersdorf and nurnberg, the destination of his wanderings.

Falling victim to the hedges

In streitberg there was for many years a small fountain opposite the pilgrimage parlor. It was already very disheveled by the weather of the seasons, which is why the owner of the spa distillery hans hertlein one day agreed to build a new fountain. It was inaugurated in 1929 and dedicated to his daughter liselotte. Hertlein knew from jean paul that he had been here in streitberg.
He also knew the story of the rose sun and so he loved to plant twelve red and white roses around the fountain and named the site "rosenhof". The liselotte fountain still exists today in its old location between the old spa building and the pilgrims' parlor. The roses, however, have fallen victim to cobblestones and hedges.


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