In the footsteps of his father: honor for mick schumacher

In the footsteps of his father: honor for mick schumacher

Mick schumacher felt much more uncomfortable on the red carpet than in the cockpit of a racing car.

"I am a little nervous, because I am not used to this kind of thing. It’s the first time for me," said the 20-year-old in a shaky voice when he was honored as a "sportsman with a heart" at the sports press ball in frankfurt.

Shielded by several bodyguards, schumacher spent an emotional evening at the side of his mother corinna in the old opera house, where his world-famous father michael had been ennobled as a "legend of sports" seven years ago. "We as athletes have the luck to live our dream and our passion and to inspire others with it as well," the record-breaking formula 1 world champion, who was seriously injured in a skiing accident in 2013, said at the time.

Similar feels mick schumacher. "Sport is life for me. He gives me everything," he said. "Every time i sit down in the seat, i feel like i’m at home. Then i’m happy to do my rounds. And if you can bring joy to others with it, it’s all the nicer."

Like michael once did, mick schumacher, who has just experienced a mixed second year in formula 2, is drawn to the king’s class of racing. But although some experts believe that he can already take the step that many fans are longing for, he does not yet believe that he will make his debut in 2020. "When i got the chance, i took it. But unfortunately, realistically, it does not look like it will go into formula 1 next year," he said.

Schumacher got to experience what it feels like twice this year when he took a few laps in his father’s 2002 and 2004 world championship cars. The drive in the legendary ferrari F2004 at the hockenheimring at the beginning of july gave him goose bumps in particular. "It was very emotional for me. It was always a dream of mine to sit in these cars," reported schumacher, adding with a smile: "I was overwhelmed to take the car to the limit – even if I had to leave it alone altogether."

Even off the race track, mick schumacher tries to follow in his father’s footsteps. He is involved in the family organization "keep fighting" and the charity soccer game "champions for charity," the proceeds of which go to several foundations. In the past two years, around 200,000 euros have been collected.

Why does he continue what michael schumacher started?? "It is something he has lived," the son replies. And it can help many who do not have the financial means to do so". If we collect money with our foundations, it helps them and us, because we bring joy with it."The "athlete with a heart" award was a reward for his social commitment.

Schumacher’s experiences help him to mature as a person and to cope better with sporting failures. "It was not an easy season. But you learn from jerks, you grow from it. I have learned never to give up. So keep fighting," he said. "This gives me the strength to hopefully compete for more victories and titles in the years to come."

Maybe someday in formula 1 – like his father michael once did. At least in terms of figure, mick schumacher meets all the requirements. "Strangely enough, i fit quite well in his seat," he reported, adding in an animated voice: "i am very proud of him."


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