Many cyclists avoid bamberg’s bike parking garage

How do you explain to a stranger where to find the bicycle parking garage in bamberg?? Quite simple: where there is no tree without a bunch of bicycles around it; where every street pole is hidden behind a mess of handlebars, saddles and pedals – exactly there you can also do the complete opposite: park lonely. In bamberg's first and only "bike house behind the train station.

It cost 50 cents to lift a bike onto one of the 330 buckets provided for this purpose. But few do it. Even worse: bamberg's bahnhof cyclists seem to make a sport out of parking in front of, next to, and near the bike house – everything but in it.

Why this is so, can be read on influential forums. "People who ride their bicycles protect the environment and also want to protect their wallets. Someday I'll have to pay when I use a parking bench", there are lawsuits. "This was to be expected. Why pay for a bike that is often worth nothing more than scrap metal when you can park it next door for free??", rants a writer. Another asks why it is not possible in bamberg to offer the spaces in the bike store for free.

Deficit of 50,000 euros
Despite all the bicycle chaos in brennerstrabe, this will probably not happen for the time being. "It is not the task of the municipal utility to demand bicycle traffic," says peter gack, says helmut muller (CSU). Even now, the poor figures in the wheelhouse repeatedly led to discussions in the supervisory board of the public utility company. Muller shares with his colleague dieter weinsheimer () the concern that the "radhaus" would will put a permanent strain on the efficiency of the energy company – like many other highly subsidized infrastructure projects in bamberg.

A simple calculation: everyone who uses the bike house contributes to lowering operating costs. And because many people are turning a blind eye to it, the deficit one and a half years after its opening is even higher than planned.
How much exactly? The municipal utilities are talking about around 50,000 euros. However, this also includes the costs of maintaining the neighboring parking pallet, the railroad tunnel and the elevator. Jan giersberg firmly believes that this amount can be reduced. It will also be possible to develop a permanent clientele for the bicycle parking garage in bamberg. "It is not for nothing that bicycle parking garages in other german cities are a great success."

At least the greens signal support for this course: "in bamberg, it always takes a little longer for such an offer to be accepted", says peter gack. He also sees the still unattractive location to the east of the station as a reason for the stagnation in the bicycle house.

But what is happening in the west? There, too, plans to build a parking facility were pursued for a long time – in 2012, there was last talk of 300,000 euros going into bike house II. The project has been postponed for the time being – to save money for the construction of the parking pallet at kronacher strabe , and presumably also to avoid new trouble. The constant media fire has done too much damage to the high-tech institution, which was launched with much advance praise. The report about the parking claw for illegally parked bicycles was just the latest prank. Even before that, locksmiths and bicycles locked away on behalf of the factories had contributed to the fact that the wheel house was not only making friends.

Four thefts in the wheelhouse
The municipal utilities wrongly see themselves in the role of the whipping boy. With the expansion of the back side of the train station, the company has implemented the political mandate to upgrade the infrastructure of the east of bamberg. One important argument was always to increase the safety of the parked bikes. In the meantime there are first figures from the police. In 2012, for example, nine bicycles were stolen from the brennerstrabe area and four from the bike house. Of these, the police have solved three cases with the help of video surveillance. Outside, these were only five out of nine falls. The police are not indifferent to the problem of wildly parked bicycles along the brenner pass. There are always complaints from residents, says klaus linsner. He sees the fact that the masses of wild parkers on the back side of the train station are not decreasing as proof that fast access to the train track is more important to bicyclists than the parking garage.

To meet this need, peter gack (grune) suggests that the city lease or buy part of the land from the utilities to offer it to cyclists for free. So far, however, his idea has not met with approval.


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