Marienweiher: they bike and they pray

Marienweiher: they bike and they pray

The volunteers from marienweiher baked 25 cakes and pies for the motorcyclists, says karola korzendorfer from the preparation team. A bratwurst stand was ordered.

"We set off from bamberg with five men, and in the end there were nine of us", draws the chairman of the motorcycle community st. James, roland bohm (52), balance sheet. "That is of course disappointing, but that was just the hard core. I think it is simply due to the weather", he says.

Only 21 machines
Even the stern drivers who came along were largely absent. In the end, there were just 21 bikes in the parking lot behind the pilgrims' house. Mostly rough bikes, bmws, kawasakis, but also some yamahas.

Bohm himself came from viereth-trunstadt with his wife. "I'm there with my kawasaki versys", explains bohm. It has a top speed of 230 kilometers per hour and is only a quarter of a year old. And the female versys is not the only machine bohm has in his garage.

Because the children are also motorcycle enthusiasts – and even his wife maria has infected roland bohm with the motorcycle virus. She is a late caller, she says openly. "I was in rehab, and then at 44 I decided to actually get my license", she laughs. Maria bohm came with an orange kawasaki 650cc. "It's light, it only weighs 200 kilos", explains the 47-year-old.

When maria bohm rides her motorcycle, she always has a cross with her. Maybe that's why the bohms have never been in a dicey situation. Anyway, for them the motorcycle service at the beginning of the season is part of it.

Max pingart (62) has a similar view. He joined the group from bamberg in mainleus. "I am there for the second time. I think it is simply part of the season to attend a motorcycle service", says pingart. The former policeman from baden-wurttemberg, who has lived in kulmbach for several years, has been a motorcyclist for 15 years.

Spontaneously connected
Achim Zehe (49) from burghaig joined the group spontaneously. "I just wanted to know what a motorcycle service is like. And I already liked it. I got my bike out of hibernation", says achim zehe. He wears wild stickers on his leather jacket – for example from the motorcycle club "lucifer's messenger".

Other lanes are decorated with crude slogans. "The jacket is very old, it's from the old days", the motorcycle enthusiast laughs and lights a pipe. The locksmith from kulmbach has been riding his little machine – a BMW – since 1990.


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