Meeting of plant lovers

A "november day in may, the premiere of the hofles flea market in the district went wrong. The event, which had been carefully prepared by the friends of the fruit and gardening association (OGV), fell victim to the weather, because the curious visitors stayed away and with them the buyers.

Rain, ice-cold wind sweeping through the judengasse, dreariness on saturday morning. A total of 35 entries were received for the trempelmarkt, 28 farms opened their doors in the hope that the sky will show itself mercifully. But the interested parties could be paid off on their fingers.

China and toys

But the well-stocked flea market had a lot to offer. From used, well-preserved bicycles to baroque mirrors, from already historic single records to the furstenberg porcelain collector’s plate series as well as household goods, textiles and children’s toys. Well, at least the people who put them on had a roof over their heads, and if their fingers were cold, a heater or a break in the house helped.

The organizers charged five euros for a three-meter flat. They passed them on to the horticultural society, which wants to prepare the children’s playground next to the fire station. The equipment needs a fresh coat of paint, the sand needs to be replaced and some repairs need to be made.

The situation was quite different with the plant exchange borse. The fire department made its vehicle hall available to them, and those willing to swap could carry out their activities in the dry with coffee and cake, drinks and sausages. The plant exchange, which was always well attended, therefore recorded an unbroken stream of visitors. As the OGV chairwoman inge schipper-telger reported, numerous interested people had already lined up at the geratehaus before the opening.

The "star in this swap, truant manfred brunner remains, who was able to offer 32 varieties of tomato plants, some of which also came from other swapbores. He brought in a total of 860 tomato, bell pepper, chili and hot pepper seedlings this year – and they sold like hotcakes. Those who did not have anything to trade, gave a small donation for the grunlings.

A woman from untererthal searched in vain for tomatoes of the "idyll" variety. Brunner shook his head regretfully. "Unfortunately, they didn’t come up with anything this year", he admitted. And the "golden queen, a golden-yellow, juicy fruit was sold out shortly after the launch.

In hammelburg, too, the flea market was to be held on the cattle market and the plant bride fair on the nearby terrace of the burgerspital. Should? Yes, because the local fruit and gardening association and the hammelburg carnival society, which organized the activities, abandoned their plan because of the almost wintry temperatures.


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