Minister bausback as congratulator

Minister bausback as congratulator

It doesn't happen very often that a guest of honor arrives too early. Winfried bausback (CSU), bavarian minister of justice and keynote speaker at the 60th anniversary celebrations of the adelsdorf CSU local association, arrived at the aischgrundhalle half an hour before the official ceremony began.
The distinguished guest used the time to talk to the CSU members, honorary guests and interested burghers in attendance. He left his speech, which he had prepared in advance, at the venue and instead addressed the 150 or so guests with a spontaneous speech. In this speech, he first praised the commitment of local political office holders.
"They have to answer more questions in everyday life than we professional politicians in berlin and munich – whether at the grocery store or at the sports club. For this you deserve the highest recognition", bausback, who also taught law for a semester as a substitute professor at erlangen university, said.
As an example of how it is mostly conservatives who are "at the forefront of progress" bausback drew on stefan muller (CSU), a member of the electoral district and secretary of state in the federal ministry of education and research. The adelsdorf players did not hold it against him that he had forgotten his full name ("stefan meier"). After all, the two politicians have been "on a first-name basis" for many years, so that the surname no longer plays a rough role.
After addressing the challenges posed by cybercrime and extremism in the second part of his speech, bausback praised the strong local association in adelsdorf, which is an important sign of the CSU's firm roots in the population. "If it looks like this everywhere, we can look forward to the future with hope."

A grateful stefan muller

After his 50-minute speech, the speaker left with his best wishes for the next 60 years. Afterwards, the member of the bundestag, stefan muller (CSU), spoke much more briefly. It's no secret that he has a very special relationship with the adelsdorf local association.
The one decisive vote that made him a candidate for the bundestag more than 15 years ago came from adelsdorf, after all. "Adolf eckert, who is being honored today for 60 years of membership, broke off his cure especially for my election. I will never forget this, recalled muller. That the adelsdorf CSU is still a real "active post of the CSU erlangen-hochstadt" the mayor said that the "re-architecture" of the office was shown, among other things, by the committed working groups in the form of young people's and women's unions.
In order to continue to inspire people to get involved in politics, it should not be treated less favorably than other honorary positions. With a view to the election on 24. September he warned: "those who vote for 'alternatives' to punish the government must be careful that they don't end up with schulz, hofreiter and wagenknecht."
Interviews with contemporary witnesses of the last six decades were conducted to further shape the entertaining evening. Uwe poschl, local councilor and organizer of the event, karin frank, chairwoman of the local women's union, and mona lisa eigenfeld, JU local chairwoman, among others, asked the two CSU oldburg mayors ewald munch and armin gob questions about their terms in office and the development of the political landscape in the community.


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