Model project digital school paid off this year

The wreathing as the start of the annual foundation festival was still celebrated in small style. The school festival normally held the next day had to be cancelled due to pandemic regulations. The school management therefore informed about their "parents portal", which schoolchildren will receive a bonus this year because of their good performance.

There were 78 in total, which principal burkhard spachmann proudly proclaimed in his letter. In addition, this year there were 20 high school graduates who were honored for top achievements.

Because the schools were closed for weeks, schools and parents had to be supplied with information and learning material digitally. The casimirianum high school benefited from the fact that it is one of the model schools in the "digital school 2020" project is. "Compared to other places, there is still a lot going on, especially this year – the best conditions for our students are created here for teaching, whether at school or at home, day after day", writes spachmann. That is why the casimirianum will also be involved in the extension of the program.

Spachmann also emphasizes the teamwork that makes this possible. The system administrators, the entire teaching staff and, last but not least, the students and parents were involved.

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