Motion by the burger block: prevent lettuce growing in the short term

Motion by the burger block: prevent lettuce growing in the short term

Before the wiesentheid municipal council meets this thursday, 14. Marz, on the application to build a salad wax house between wiesentheid and untersambach, the council is to decide that the municipality should draw up a landscape and land use plan for the area in question, which – according to another application – may not be changed for at least two years. The burgerblock justifies a corresponding application with expected "particularly detrimental changes to nature and landscape" in the course of the planned new building.

Two rough heaters in the landscape

In a press release, the burgerblock lists adverse changes that it fears: the coarse sealing of 17.8 hectares, an impairment of the townscape by two massive heat storage towers (each 43 meters in diameter and 16 meters high). In addition, there was massive earth movement and debris buildup, as well as deterioration in flood protection and impairment of the adjacent drinking water wells.

Furthermore, the burgerblock requests that an engineering office "water law questions and concerns" be commissioned in connection with the new construction of a lettuce farm shall examine.

The burger block is still collecting until 13. Marz signatures against the wax house project of a dutch company.


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