Nature, history and herbal omelettes: how afghanistan fascinates away from the war

nature, history and herbal omelettes: how afghanistan fascinates away from the war

"What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of afghanistan??", saeid herawi wants to know right at the beginning from his 60 or so listeners who have come to hofheim at the invitation of the volkshochschule im landkreis habberge and the freundeskreis asyl hofheim for his illustrated lecture.
The general answer is: "war" – natural. But the 22-year-old from herat, afghanistan, is determined to show his audience, and also to tell them in german, that his home country, away from the war, is already diverse and worth seeing, as the organizers have announced.

Wonderful pictures

In addition to presenting afghanistan's geographical position as a neighboring state of pakistan, iran, china and the former soviet republics of turkmenistan, tajikistan and uzbekistan, saeid herawi reported on the region's long history from alexander the rude to the empire of the darrids to the present-day state of afghanistan. The audience saw wonderful pictures of historical buildings, pre-medieval citadels, impressive nature and unusual wild animals. They also learned, for example, that the new year's festival nowruz, which is celebrated at the beginning of spring, only includes dishes that begin with the letter "S" begin. In general, the afghan cuisine is a topic that interested the audience vividly, be it in everyday life or at festivities, for which saeid herawi showed films of traditional afghan dances.

Terror as an everyday event

After a fulle of information and the answering of numerous questions he invited to a delicious afghan buffet together with his sister parisa and the helpers monika hoffmann and jawid khajezadeh. Of course, the talk turned to the long war that has so terribly affected life in afghanistan for almost 40 years now, so that attacks and terror are, so to speak, everyday occurrences. In germany, place names such as masar-e-sharif, kandahar or kundus are not known from illustrated travel guides, but from the news on the daily news bulletin.

Lasting positive impressions

But saeid's herawi's plan worked: images of magnificent mountain scenery, purple saffron blossoms, majestic snow leopards, traffic in kabul – and of course the incomparable taste of the fine herb omelet "kuku sabhzi" – remain in the memory.


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