New study program presented in coburg

New study program presented in coburg

Studying without a high school diploma, earning an academic degree at the age of 50 or during a child-rearing period – all this will be possible in coburg from october 2013. The comments of the program director of the university of coburg, roland hertrich, sounded exciting. The target group is employees in companies who already have professional experience and would like to expand their knowledge or obtain an academic degree, he described the project. Two courses of study in business administration are offered, leading to a bachelor's and master's degree.

The starting shot was fired in 2011

Thomas Kneitz, head of the heinz group and co-initiator, pointed out that the demographic development in our region in particular was making it increasingly difficult to recruit skilled workers. Since april 2011, a project group consisting of representatives from business and the university had been working on the introduction of this part-time course of study.

In designing the program, a conscious effort was made to reconcile family, work and study. Securing the support of the bavarian ministry of science was not easy.

Roland hertrich discussed the advantages for the companies. He spoke of employee retention, of the interlinking of theory and practice, and of an improved image of the employer. For employees, taking part in the course of study means an improvement in their career prospects. The exchange with students also had positive effects.

You can keep up

Hertrich made it clear that the requirements and the examinations are identical to those of the conventional course of study. He knew from experience that the target group – by which he meant professionals – had professional and life experience, unlike young freshmen, and could certainly keep up with young students in terms of exam results. As roland hertrich told us, there is already a lot of interest in this course of studies.

A survey of the companies and personnel managers present on how they viewed the new course of study was rather reserved. Nevertheless, it was clear that the part-time course in business administration was an issue for them. Matthias froba of wiegand-glas said that it is not yet possible to make a general statement. In the future it will depend on the individual case. For him, the "master's degree" was particularly tasty, which could be achieved in addition to the job.

Heiko reuther, head of human resources at sparkasse kulmbach-kronach, pointed out that his bank offers a wide range of training opportunities. The charm of this course of study lies in the fact that it is possible for working people to study on the spot and alongside their jobs.

"A good thing"

For the chairman of kronach creativ, rainer kober, this is a good thing. Often, young people do not have the courage to start studying right after finishing their school career. Here, everyone has the chance to catch up at a later point in time.

The chairman of the kronach industry and trade committee, hans rebhan, spoke of increasing demands on the labor market and of academization. Here, doors were opened for a wide range of professionals in the region.

Jurgen heller of wiegand-glas described this study as a good institution, especially for employees in the commercial field. Roland hertrich pointed out that there are also ways for technicians to complete this course of study. It is also possible to take individual courses and collect certificates. With regard to the financing and the necessary release of the students from their companies, thomas kneitz spoke of internal company solutions and strategies.


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