No forest of signs in the world heritage

No forest of signs in the world heritage

"In bamberg, it has become a common expression when entire streets are painted": sebastian niedermaier, SPD spokesman in the city council’s environment senate, humorously summed up the discussion.

At election times, posters always shoot up like mushrooms from the ground. "In the past years, this has repeatedly caused discussions and complaints from the burghers", explained public order officer ralf haupt.

In order to remedy this situation, the environmental senate decided back in 2015 that the parties and electoral groups represented in the bamberg city council participating in the respective elections should decide in advance, as part of a voluntary commitment, which areas should be excluded from electoral advertising. About a year before the upcoming municipal elections in 2020, the environmental senate has once again dealt with the issue.

The following poster-free zones in the city area were agreed upon: the areas of domplatz, altes rathaus, obere brucke and the michelsberg monastery are to remain completely free of electoral advertising in the future. "So there will be much less election advertising around the city’s landmarks and in the core area of the world heritage site during the municipal elections in march 2020, haupt summarized the results.

Controversial discussion

However, a controversial discussion arose in the environmental senate around this topic. The GAL faction, of all people, was in favor of significantly expanding the forest-free zone – by the way, the sign-free forest zone. In the end, the two representatives in the environmental senate were the only ones to vote against the current decision.

Not only was the poster-free radius too small for the GAL faction, the power of the resolution was also not enough for them. "We think nothing of a voluntary commitment by the parties. At the next election, other parties will also be in the running who may not abide by this decision", said petra friedrich. "You know who I mean."

The alternative for germany, which was not mentioned but meant, was not affected by the self-commitment of the city council parties, they argued. Furthermore: the entire city monument should be kept free of the storende posters – thus a clearly larger area than the current core area.

Martin pohner of the FDP strongly disagreed, saying that it is a central element of democracy to advertise one’s concerns. Posters were very important. "It is not acceptable for the greens to dictate to the other parties how they should advertise." The billposting shows the voluntary work of a party. Pohner did not refrain from taking a side blow either: the grunen had made a "brose donation" perhaps enough money to afford other means of campaigning. The GAL countered: "we really don’t need to argue with the FDP about donations", said christiane laaser.

Among the other groups, there was consensus on the areas identified. Gerhard seitz (CSU) saw the draft proposal as a "sensible contribution to reducing" the forest of signs in the core area of the sign forest in the core area of the world cultural heritage and in the stronghold of tourists.


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