No more black-yellow pension reform before the election

No more black-yellow pension reform before the election

"The planned pension reform can no longer be implemented in this legislative period," said the social policy spokesman for the CDU/CSU caucus, karl schiewerling (CDU), to the dpa news agency in berlin on thursday. He thus confirmed a report in the "bild" newspaper.

"The union will include the entire package in its election program and in the coalition agreement of a new government. This pension reform, as well as the improvement in the mother’s pension, can be financed," schiewerling emphasized. At the beginning of november, the leaders of the CDU/CSU and the FDP agreed in principle on a package to combat poverty among the elderly, but then failed to implement it.

Referring to coalition circles, the newspaper reports that a "small pension reform" had failed mainly due to resistance from the CDU. This concerns the decisions already agreed at the level of the professional politicians on better earnings for pensioners and higher pensions for reduced earning capacity. Labor minister ursula von der leyen (CDU) had always rejected unraveling the package.

SPD secretary general andrea nahles accused the union and FDP of having stopped governing. Von der leyen had "disgraced herself as a mere minister of defense". The government has done nothing against working poverty, which leads directly to old-age poverty, for four years. "She doesn’t want people who have worked hard all their lives to get more in old age than those who have never worked". The mother’s pension is only in redem manuscripts.


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