The kups market has another 17 fiber-optic connections installed

The kups market has another 17 fiber-optic connections installed

In kupser kernort, previously underserved areas in the viehgasse and in parts of frankenstrabe are now being supplied with fiber optics. On thursday, the broadband expansion contract was signed with the company thuga smartservice gmbh from naila.

In october 2019, the market town council awarded the contract for the technical broadband expansion of a total of 17 fiber optic connections in the "frankenstrabe/viehgasse" area to the company thuga smartservice from naila gives. The cost is about 190 000 euros, the state tax is 90 percent.

Comment: respect for the volunteers

Comment: Respect for the volunteers

The office of mayor, county council, city council or municipal council is not subject to amusement tax. Most of them work on a voluntary or part-time basis for their fellow citizens, sacrifice a lot of free time, spend hours on topics that don’t always make sense, and often get enough criticism from the public for it. You have to like it.

Nevertheless, for the 2020 municipal elections, hundreds of volunteers are once again declaring themselves ready to take responsibility for their communities, to decide important issues on behalf of their fellow citizens and to drive developments forward.

30 Minutes of fun

30 minutes of fun

A feast for the ears for sophisticated tastes at the friday organ concert in the papal basilica of vierzehnheiligen. On tomorrow's kirchweih friday, at 3 p.M. And with free admission, 21-year-old artist amelie held from munich will elicit fascinating sounds from the majestic rieger instrument with 89 registers and 5000 pipes in the gallery. Those interested should arrive in time, as the basilica will be closed during the concert.
Amelie held was born in karlsruhe and grew up in munich. She received her first piano lessons at the age of six, shortly afterwards on the violin. 2010 she started playing the organ at the hochschule fur katholische kirchenmusik regensburg. At "youth makes music a first award at the federal level followed in 2012. Since 2014 she has been a student at the hochschule fur musik in detmold and became the youngest member of the international gustav mahler youth orchestra, where she was able to perform under renowned conductors such as christoph eschenbach, herbert blomstedt and jonathan nott in the most important concert halls in europe. Concerts have already taken them all over europe and to the USA. Since fall 2014, she has been studying both violin and organ in detmold. 


“Together against all forms of anti-semitism”

The city of bamberg and the israelitische kultusgemeinde bamberg organized again this year on the evening of the 9th bamberg anniversary the "bamberg" event. November a commemoration of the reichspogromnacht at the synagogue square.

Mayor andreas starke ( SPD ) recalled the terrible events and warned: "the events of november 9, 1938 cannot and must not be forgotten. November 1938 cannot and must not be forgotten. That night the bamberger jewish synagogue was on fire here. Unfortunately, we also know this from current events, this ignoring, this lack of civil courage, although others need help and support."

Women make slow progress in the top echelons of business

Women make slow progress in the top echelons of business

The dominance of men in important supervisory board positions is slowing the rise of women to the top echelons of german corporations, according to a study.

The appointment of board members is almost exclusively male, although on average 30 percent of supervisory board members are now female, according to a study by the non-profit allbright foundation. According to the figures, the proportion of women in management positions at the 160 companies in the dax index family was 8.5 percent as of january 1, 2018. February at 8.8 percent. In september 2018, it had been 8.0 percent.

In streitberg it was all about love

In streitberg it was all about love

Johann paul friedrich richter, who is better known to most friends of literature by his later name jean paul, was, no wonder, also in french-speaking switzerland. There many writers before and after him found an intellectually invigorating fludium.
But the special thing about jean paul's travels in french-speaking switzerland was something else: he was all about love. "Don't forget our rose yard and the rose sun before streitberg; they may bloom this year and you'll probably get there tomorrow evening", hermine, his beloved, said in a low, wavering voice in the book "palingenesia" as a farewell. She thus recalled the joint visit of streitberg a year before. On a high place there they both watched a glowing red sunset. To commemorate this, jean paul planted rose seeds in a circle around her location: on the inside, female roses, and on the edge, red roses, which together were supposed to symbolize the setting sun.
On easter sunday 1798, it was a 3. April, jean paul went wandering with his servant florian stub, presumably because he had quarreled with hermine. She was jealous of his admirers, so he gave her some letters to read, but they angered her even more. Via berneck and bayreuth he arrived at muggendorfer geburg on old stagecoach routes and approached his destination for the day. He writes about it: "it was towards evening, the day with its sources of light in the waters and on the meadows gradually dried up – the sunlight jerked from the peaks onto the mountain tops and poured halay into the sheer transparent sky. We went up the dark mountain in haste to find the deep sun still lying on the crust of the streitberg valley."

"With trembling heart"

Oberhaid’s oldest part is being redesigned

Dipl.-ing. Wolfgang hahn is confronted with the entire range of challenges that a "demanding" construction site presents construction site can offer: space and time constraints, supply and disposal lines, busy roads, and all this next to a railroad overpass. Since 20. August the engineer for the strunz planning group is working on the oberhaid construction site: the bridge structure over the muhlbach, which dates from the 1960s, will be demolished and "moved" a little further in the direction of the railroad overpass, replaced there by a completely new reinforced concrete structure. Already at the end of the year, so sig nalizes mayor carsten joneitis (SPD), this project should be completed.

The mayor is also keen to keep the project within budget. This is for the bridge, project title "bridge over the muhlbach in the course of dammstrabe and bahnhofstrabe" calculated at a total of 700,000 euros. Oberhaid expects to receive 370,000 euros (or 66 percent) from funds under the financial equalization act (FAG). This means that the brucken project is being called for from a different angle than the urban development measures for the "redesign of the pasture with the muhlbach" – in the immediate vicinity.