Poetry slam virus grips kulmbach

Poetry slam virus grips kulmbach

They did it again! With high entertainment value! Eight slammers from near and far presented their self-written texts in the hall of the kommunbrau and then faced the evaluation of the audience jury.

As in ice skating, the scoreboards were held high and points were determined. After the preliminary round, in which all the slammers read a text partly from the page and partly recited it freely, the favorites of the evening had already emerged: helmuth steierwald "a friend of mindless entertainment comedy", as he titled himself, the nurnberger julian kalks with his thought-provoking and pictorially poetic "rest area collages" as well as shiva kianpoor with a free spoken piece about the differences between parents and children made it to the final round.

The youngest is only 15
The other contributions were also well received by the audience, such as the two texts by slam newcomers svenja tretter and anja wunderlich (15 years old), who were both on a slam stage for the second time. With a tender text about the "heartbreak" 16 year old svenja tretter scored a proud number of points, followed by her classmate anja wunderlich, who had written a frank and moving testimonial about a friend who suffers from bulimia.

Both students are from marktredwitz and came to the poetry slam through a workshop at their school. "Two years ago, we saw a poetry slam on our lake stage, and when the workshop was offered here, we immediately joined in.", said the two girls. In their texts, they creatively put down on paper what moves them, what they have to deal with. "That is also what I wanted to achieve with the workshop", says simone bilz, the organizer of the evening. She is a german teacher at the school of economics in wunsiedel, where she initiated the poetry slam workshop. She thinks it is very important to have a playful approach to the german language outside of school as well. And furthermore, he says, practicing public speaking is good practice for the students, also in view of future job interviews.

The two up-and-coming slammers did not make it past the preliminary round. They are infected by the slam-fever for a long time and want to continue in any case.

The rest of the evening's participants are also infected. In response to anja wunderlich's text, slammer lena hacker reported on the state of mind of a girl suffering from bulimia from the perspective of a bulimic. Local hero andy schneider had also chosen a socially critical topic and brought the audience closer to the emotional world of a prisoner – even with a little singing interlude.

Miracle mare for the winner
A text of a completely different kind was presented by billy reuschel from bayreuth, who was of the opinion that one should not be ashamed of one's body parts and therefore talked about the "joystick" lectured. "On a slam stage, everything is allowed that does not have racist or other derogatory content", simone bilz had explained to her audience at the beginning of the slam.

In the end, julian kalks emerged as the winner, cheered by the audience. With a text about his everyday life as a kindergarten teacher, he was able to completely convince the audience and was awarded the traditional miracle trophy. In poetry slams, it is common for the audience to put all kinds of little things they can spare into a wandering bag. To the joy of the winner – or not.

The next poetry-slam is planned for the beginning of february. Detailed information and further details will be published shortly in the facebook group "die kommune slammt" to be found.


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