Readers’ forum: caution, deceptive packaging

Readers' forum: caution, deceptive packaging

With the so-called rough support of the planned volkach east bypass, the amount to be borne by the city seems to be reduced from three million euro to now a good 1.5 million euro. State secretary gerhard eck promises a conversion grant of 750,000 euros and a grant of 600,000 euros for maintenance expenses that the state will save by transferring the road to volkach.

Some people, one could read in the main post, "think it's great", so "the bypass for volkach is manageable". Yes, don't these people know that a conversion requirement is supposed to bring lost purchasing power into the city?? However, another road cannot accomplish this task (how is the cutting up of the volkach floodplain supposed to do this?)?).

Don't these people see that the maintenance expenses saved by the free state will in future fall to the city of volkach, even after these 600,000 euros have long been used up?? The same problem also applies to the proposed grant from the county. Also this waltzes then the conservation wall on the city of volkach over.

Where can i find a (permanent) cost reduction for the city?? Not at all! So it's: watch out: "cheat pack".


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