Residential space is also being created in eltmann in the inner city

It is now well known that there is a shortage of new building sites in eltmann. The city pushes to its topographical limits with the possibility of creating new residential areas. The main river and the high hills of the steigerwald make it difficult to expand the site. However, the fact that interior development also offers many opportunities and that developers also have reserves was made clear at the meeting of the city’s building committee on monday afternoon.

In limbach, a developer wants to build new and renovate existing buildings on a plot of land, convert a barn and use renewable energy sources. Whether this is possible was examined in a preliminary building application to the city. She has no objection to the conversion of a barn or the demolition of a former slaughterhouse – and certainly not to a heat pump in the immediate vicinity of the mains or to solar collectors.

The access road to a high plot of land at the end of the cemetery road in eltmann is a challenging undertaking. The client knew that he would have to create the necessary access himself; it was simply a matter of using the cemetery road, which the city will require accordingly. The access road is then built on private land.

In robstadt, the village renewal program has improved the appearance of the village considerably. Now the so-called gurkenhalle at the entrance to the town is also to be visually upgraded. Here, where the cucumber harvest used to be stored and processed, the robtstadt associations find valuable storage space. The hall should continue to serve this purpose, said mayor michael ziegler (CSU). He informed the members of the building committee that the robstadt community had registered the hall with the office for rural development and that the authority had made 60,000 euros available for renovation. The city is now asked to submit design proposals. The building committee was unanimous in commissioning planning variants and a cost estimate.

The city does not receive any village renewal demands for the steige and the kirchweg in robstadt; this information was received by the mayor from the office for regional development. But in the course of the church square design, which is the next project of the village renewal, the stichwege schmiedsgasse and kirchweg, which led to the frankenstrabe, are also planned. The office pointed out to the city that about two years after the demolition of the previous village community center, which will be replaced by a new building, it can then also plan its co-financing share for these two streets.

Various applications for conversion or change of use had been submitted by the company schaeffler-technologies ag& co. KG in the eltmann industrial area. Among other things, a production hall is to be converted into a warehouse, and two hazardous materials storage facilities are to be set up in existing buildings.


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