Spab on and in the water

Spab on and in the water

Gobweinstein- the open-air swimming pool association invites on sunday, 3. June, to his family celebration. Shortly before the start of the fubball world championship, the festival is held under the motto "a round thing".
But be careful: with the numerous games with, on or in bales, there is a danger of contracting the circulating "ball fever" to be pinned! After the opening at 2 p.M. With the wackelzahngarde of the faschingsgesellschaft gobweinstein and performances of the kindergarten stempferhof, from 2 p.M. On you can join the party.30 o'clock courageous visitors try out the new water running balls in the basin. Children and adults can roll dry fubes in a coarse ball over the water.

Children's olympics

The younger visitors will experience another edition of the children's olympics with many new disciplines that demand both playful talent and dexterity. The winners expect great prizes.
The magician hudini delighted young and old with balloon modelling and all those who liked to swim in the water could swim with the mermaid sarah.
The physical well-being is well taken care of with homemade cakes, coffee and delicious grilled specialties.
In case of bad weather, the event will be held on the 17th. June. The forderverein hohenschwimmbad gobweinstein is looking forward to a lively attendance and an entertaining and varied afternoon.


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