Standstill and blame instead of push and cooperation

In a press release, the CSU city council faction assesses the current development "around the jahn". The spvgg jahn forchheim is to move from its current location to the north of the city.
In the opinion of the CSU city council faction, it is absolutely true, as mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD) has also pointed out, that sports clubs are basically to be treated equally, on the basis of the city’s sports requirement guidelines.
The CSU city council faction had already submitted a motion on this in june 2016 for the purpose of its further development. This, according to the CSU, has so far "not been done with due care" which in itself gives pause for thought from the perspective of the city council. "Even more drastic, however, appears to be the way in which the city leadership treats volunteers who are committed to the welfare of their association and thus also in the interest of many citizens of our city", heibt es in the press release wortlich "statt anzuschieben wird abwarten, statt zu gestalten werden vorvorhaltungen gemacht und verdiente mitburger discredited." Regarding kirschstein’s question "what performance can still be expected from the leadership of the sports club", the CSU states: "the effect of this statement is irritating for the board of directors, all members of the association, but also the volunteers in general, and possibly disastrous for other parties involved, such as planners and investors"."
Listeners at a new year’s reception, who were expecting visions of cultural development and were told about a sports club, were astonished.
Only through the "consistent networking of the association’s board and various city council factions" according to the CSU, the project has been kept going over the last few quarters, which is also the case with the kolpinghaus.
The city council tries to constructively shape the content and determine the direction in the interest of all involved, but the city leadership is responsible for the speed, with all the consequences.
It is also about sports development and the perspectives of three forchheim clubs: ATSV, jahn and vfb. From the city’s point of view, however, at least the same priority must be given to the creation of affordable housing, which has been defined as an important goal across all factions. In addition, in the end the city itself is the biggest winner, among other things due to the enormous increase in value of the land "between pechtold hall and konigsbad".
"If now – five to twelve – because of some sensitivities the rough and whole should fail, there are only losers", states the CSU. It should not come to this and the mayor should also be aware of this.

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