Swimming pool friends winterize the outdoor pool

Swimming pool friends winterize the outdoor pool

The outdoor swimming season is over. In weibenbrunn, the open-air pool was not closed until the end of september due to the mild weather. But still there is much to do. The members of the verein schwimmbadfreunde weibenbrunn now have their hands full after a successful 2020 swimming season. Despite the corona pandemic, which had left many a riddle at the start of the season, the bathing season was managed happily and without incident.

Thanks to the beautiful weather, the number of visitors was also satisfactory. The admission, which was limited to 150 guests, demanded a great deal of organizational talent and logistics, "but we managed", says a now beaming second chairman axel witthauer. All hygiene regulations were adhered to and on some days some guests had to wait for admission because the maximum number of 150 visitors had been reached. The pool attendants were also in constant demand, as no more than 35 swimmers were allowed into the pool. More than 60 helpers were needed to master the challenge, emphasizes cashier ruth tolg and informs that the visitor limit was managed by handing out 150 discs as a ticket. When one visitor had left the outdoor pool, another could enter the ter, which was otherwise closed off and also separated into entrance and exit.

Second chairman axel witthauer named just some of the work to be done to make the outdoor pool and its facilities winterproof. The first priority is to protect water pipes and toilet coils from frost. During the winter months, the pools should not be emptied as a matter of principle. Unfortunately, ice formation on the surface of the water can quickly lead to damage to the pool. Since the pressure on the pool wall is enormous when ice forms, so-called ice pressure pads were purchased, which now have to be installed in the water basin. In every corner, in the kiosk, in the toilets, in the changing rooms, in the bathrooms, at the baby pool, everywhere the more than 20 hard-working helpers swarmed like ants on saturday. Mayor Jorg neubauer thanked the swimming pool friends for their great civic commitment.


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