The 10 golden rules of finding the ideal real estate agent

The agent plays a key role in the successful sale of a property. The real estate agent should be able to answer the client's questions with all the relevant information and expertise. Additionally, it should be very accessible to both the potential buyer and the seller of the property.
The following 10 rules show how to find the ideal real estate agent for your region.

1. No way around the internet

In fact, in today's world, it is unthinkable for any real estate agent to practice his profession without the internet. Real estate platforms have become an integral part of the daily work of professional realtors. To take advantage of this, it makes sense to use common real estate platforms on the internet.
In order to obtain an initial overview, it is necessary to search for regional advertisements. Who mediates the objects? Which brokers are behind it?

2. Which advertisements appeal to me

When researching real estate platforms, one usually gets a quick impression of which advertisements are appealing. It is important to ask: would I have advertised my own property in a similar way??
Furthermore, it quickly becomes apparent how much effort is put into preparing the property offer. How detailed is the information about the property?? Are there many photos available and how good is the quality of the pictures??
In addition, it is necessary to check the particular expose of the broker. Is it professionally prepared?
The more appealing the advertisement is, the more likely it is that we will cooperate with the broker behind the advertisement.

3. Positive experiences of others

When searching for the ideal real estate agent, it is advisable to ask neighbors, friends and acquaintances. Perhaps they themselves have worked with one of the brokers in their region? How were their experiences?
If no experience can be gained through acquaintance, it is worth taking a look at numerous online portals. In the real estate industry's directory, not only can real estate agents in a particular region be found, but they can also be rated directly by customers.

4. Quick reaction of the brokers as a positive sign

Real estate agents worthy of perfect cooperation should respond promptly to inquiries. After all, later potential buyers or tenants of the property should also be able to contact the real estate agent quickly.
This can be found out relatively quickly by checking how handy the respective broker is. As a rule, the answer from a good real estate agent should not take longer than a day to arrive.
Straight brokers are tagsuber often with customers with object inspections. Nevertheless, professional real estate agents call back directly after the viewing or answer e-mails afterwards.

5. Presentation of a real estate agent is the be-all and end-all

If some brokers have already been shortlisted, it is worthwhile to do some more in-depth research. Many real estate agents now have an internet presence.
How good is the real estate agent's own marketing?? How professional the internet presence appears?
Furthermore, in-depth research reveals whether the real estate agent has a valid business license, works for a reputable association of real estate agents and in this context has a fixed office.

6. Meeting the broker – what does he want to know?

How professional a real estate agent is, becomes clear at the first meeting.
Questions about the floor plan and location of the property as well as the energy certificate and an overview of the operating costs are a matter of course.
Detailed questions about the property, such as the year of construction, dates of renovations or the structure of the building, are also part of the regular content of a personal first meeting with the real estate agent.

7. Finding the right price

A perfect realtor remains objective, and neither promises "the blue of the sky" nor talks a property to pieces. The price of a property is determined by comparing properties and reference objects.
In order to be able to better judge the statements of the real estate agent, it is worthwhile to inform yourself in advance about the approximate price level of the property online. This can be done via all online real estate platforms.

8. Fair broker commission

In a personal conversation, a reputable real estate agent addresses the issue of real estate agent commissions on his own initiative. On the basis of the market situation, the price of the real estate and the usual market conditions, there should be direct transparency about the level of the broker's commission.
The order is then formulated in writing and the amount of the commission is specified in it. An advance payment is out of the question for a serious real estate agent.

9. The chemistry with the broker has to be right

As in so many relationships and contacts in life, it is also advantageous when it comes to brokers if the "chemistry" is right. Because the cooperation can extend over a longer period of time. Trust and sympathy are important basic requirements. Personal identification with the broker is also important.

10. Let's go

The perfect broker has been found and the order has been put in writing. Now we can finally get started!
The broker will report regularly on his activities. He gives regular feedback on advertising activities, the number of interested parties and the status of negotiations with potential buyers.
Furthermore, the broker involves his clients and is open to suggestions for improvement.

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