The fire is still burning after 40 years

The fire is still burning after 40 years

"There’s always something going on in fahr", says doris during, and she should know. This was the sixth time she attended the youth firefighters’ tent camp. She attended her first event at the age of 13 – and has still not missed a single one. In the meantime, her role has changed from participant to supervisor, but she still has a lot of fun.
On the morning of 2. The time had come again in august: around 320 participants gathered in fahr. Four days of fun, sun, action and learning lay ahead of them. The raising of the flags and the lighting of the campfire marked the 40th anniversary of the. Camps open. After a short speech by the district youth director thomas grimmer, the young people had the rest of the day at their disposal. As every year, participants had the opportunity to take part in sporting activities. Swimming in the main river under the supervision of the water rescue service or various ball sports were on offer.
When asked what she likes best about fahr, doris during grins mischievously: "you meet a lot of interesting people every year, have a great time, and learn important things in a relaxed atmosphere during the firefighters’ training." Because the weather was so good this year, they had the opportunity to participate in some water battles. As a precaution, she had taken enough clothes with her to change into.
Friday began with the training of young people. The participants were divided into different groups in the morning and instructed in technical assistance, fire fighting and the like. Also the police provided a station. She enlightened the young firefighters about youth protection laws and answered a number of questions.
Among the participants’ favorite workshops were fire extinguishing and rappelling down a so-called rollgliss.

Friday afternoon’s program included a boat regatta and a human table soccer tournament.

A human table soccer, is like the well known kicker, only that it is played with real people on a specially designed field.
Besides the spab, the young people also had to prove their worth. On friday afternoon, the acceptance test for the youth flame was on the agenda. In the youth flame, different areas of knowledge are tested in practice and theory.
Those who successfully complete the tasks receive a badge in the end. Saturday morning was also dedicated to education, where once again people could test or refresh their knowledge.
Well fortified, the camp olympics continued after lunch. Various fire departments of the district of kitzingen competed against each other. Among other things, there were disciplines such as obstacle course and line bag stuffing. The youth fire department from martinsheim proved their skill and won the olympics.
The 40th anniversary of the event ended with a church service under the open sky, followed by the award ceremonies and the presentation of the badges. Tent camp of the youth fire departments of the district kitzingen from.
This year again it was a successful event, which gave great pleasure to all participants. Doris during had her fun – and wants to be there again next year.


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