The grandchildren are franziska kohler’s joy

The grandchildren are franziska kohler's joy

Many guests came to the 90th anniversary. On the occasion of franziska kohler's 50th birthday, she arrived at her home to congratulate him. The jubilarian was born in poxdorf. She grew up there and, like many girls who did not have a farm at home, had to complete her compulsory year on a farm after graduating from school. "We were paid 20 marks a month for that.", she tells. After that, she worked with her grandparents and relatives wherever she was needed.

It wasn't a good time after the war, reports franziska kohler, and she remembers that things only got better with the new government in 1948. In the meantime, she met her husband michael kohler, married in 1949 and moved to effeltrich to her husband's small farm. Out of this marriage came the two children sylvia and heidi.

"There was a lot of work at that time, because we grew fruit trees, which were sold to the fruit tree breeding cooperative." Her four grandchildren are her greatest happiness.

The jubilarian is well taken care of by her daughters heidi and sylvia and her sons-in-law. When her grandchildren come to visit, she always likes to cook them french dishes. The congratulations of the community were offered by mayor kathrin heimann, district administrator herrmann ulm congratulated on behalf of the district of forchheim. Delegations from the traditional costume association, the vdk local association and pastor jurgen dellermann also offered their congratulations.

"The four funny "effeltrichers remembered with a song they wrote themselves "what have we been"? And thus ensured a good mood and good entertainment. 


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